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A chapter in the book The Amazing Heist

Almost Time.

by aryr

The team members included Abby (Annabelle), Henry, Sally, Paul, Billy and Freddie. Wives include Belinda with Paul and Lucy with Freddie. They plan to pull an amazing heist.
Being that it was a Sunday and Paul, Belinda and Henry expressed great wishes to attend church, unless they were involved in a case, so be it.

They would review things on Monday morning and catch everyone up to speed. Monday morning arrived all too soon.

The team reviewed what they had found. Henry discussed the fact that all the systems were the same, there was no security whatsoever. Sally and Billy talked about the best and most profitable route. They picked one that showed the best. Freddie had found the perfect van as well as a back-up car, which he just added for old times sake. Paul was up next with his brilliant idea of head-to-toe coverage was talked about. The plan was simple, those participating would be dressed in rubber. This would involve the inclusion of googles. So no, electronics would be used.

Abby decided that the event, the amazing heist would take place in two weeks on a Friday. One because they didn't want to push it too far out that it impaired what they planned. Secondly, because they wanted to be fresh with everything. And thirdly, they just wanted this to be done and over.

Henry would take care of the computer stuff as well as Sally and Billy's stuff. He would basically become more of a computer nerd. Sally, Billy, Paul, Abby and of course, Freddie would be the active members. Both vehicles would be used with Abby driving the second one.

It was time to get this done.

The wetsuit idea was indeed amazing. All of the situation was brilliant.

Sally, Billy and Henry were in total control of the computer side of it. Freddie had the vehicles covered. And Paul was totally fabulous. The wetsuits had arrived, and all of the team was eager to try them on. Wear them for a couple of hours each day, so they built up a tolerance to them. It was imperative that Abby and Freddie that they become covered because they would be the get-away drivers. As well, as Abby being part of the crew.

They all tried on the suits. A little time would be necessary to adjust them to it. The googles were a difficulty but they were all persistent. The ladies wore either a two piece or one piece under the suits, while the men would decide on their choice of swimsuits. They had to have two bathing suits, one of them were for washing and the other for wearing. Clothing change would be available. Thank goodness it was the peak of summer.

It was a daily grind, but they tolerated it. Everyone wore the wetsuit, except Henry. Not a centimeter of skin was exposed. Each person adjusted to the wearing of the suit well. Over the almost two weeks, they each lost between five to ten pounds but none of them lost their commitment to the heist.

Tomorrow was the big day!!!

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