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How about 'today?'

What is the Perfect Age?

by Tom Horonzy

The Perfect Age Contest Winner 

The perfect age for me is 'today,' for I know a little more and care a little less. So why should I worry about anything I cannot do much about?

My children are grown and independent of me, save for emergencies. Such as the night my youngest was enveloped with pain caused by a cyst wrapped about an ovary. It was touch and go, but surgery not only saved my baby but procured the possibility of an heir for our fortune, which was reduced by eighty-thousand bucks for her not having insurance. Lesson learned; we hope.

Anyway, we helped reduce that plentifully, graced by a 401k, wherein we saved sufficiently to squelch the debt as needed and have sufficient funds remaining unto our last breath. Proper financial planning is why 'today,' I remain the perfect age.

And then, like a fine wine, I married a girl ten years my junior, four times that number, years ago. (You'll have to figure that out for yourself.) She was the apple of my eye back then, and 'today,' having aged perfectly is as delightful as a sweet champagne. "Here's to you, babe."

Oh sure, being older than seventy (another clue if you are trying to solve my age,) I have aches and pains, yet experience has taught me any pain is proof-positive I am alive, with a bride by my side, young enough to push my buttons psychologically, romantically, and even physically should the day arrive when I land in a wheelchair.

Besides, I learned along the way that though the squeaky wheel gets attention, the treatment received is not always favorable. In other words, I don't complain, for what good does it do? Things could get worse and likely will, and that is how I figure the age I am 'today,' is and will always be the perfect age for me.


Writing Prompt
Write an essay on your opinion of the perfect age and why.

The Perfect Age
Contest Winner


If there is a perfect age, I choose 'today' to be "my" age. I feel somewhat silly this morning, as you have found reading this composition. Also, a bit mysterious, as you know not how old I am 'today.'
The picture is a selfie showing proof how happy I am 'today."
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