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RIP little brother

Death and Karma

by the13thpoet

In the summer of 2001 my little brother was going to come live with me temporarily. We were at the ATM, he was going to give me some money for letting him stay with me. Well he was told he had insufficient funds to receive his desired amount. He called my brother-in-law to find out the problem as the account was in his name, he made my brother open an account once he got his first job. After some investigation it turns out that his wife, our older half-sister (same father) was stealing money from his account.

Her excuse was she was using the money to pay for our little sister's graduation because she was afraid to ask her husband for money. She cried and tried to play the victim and never once did she apologize for taking the money.

I would have let my brother stay with me regardless but he decided to move to Massachusetts where his girlfriend and baby son had just relocated to. In the next week or two he was gone, we had made plans to go to Atlantic City on September 4th to celebrate his 21st birthday, but that day would never come.

Saturday August 4th a day I will never forget. I was sitting in my bedroom somewhere between half drunk and half stoned when the phone rang. The voice on the other end was hysterically crying, once I could understand what was going on I realized that it was my brother's girlfriend and from what I could make out she was telling me my brother had drowned, then the phone call was cut short. I sat and waited for what felt like an eternity (about 10-15mins), in my intoxicated mind I was unsure if this was real or a dream, I was hoping like hell for the latter. When the phone finally rang again it was his girlfriend again confirming my worst fears, my little brother was gone.

He had gone to the lake to go swimming (he was a novice swimmer at best), it had rained the night before and he fell prey to a strong undercurrent. He had disappeared under the water and by the time they realized something was wrong and found him it was too late, he had succumb to the water.

We never got to go to Atlantic City to celebrate his birthday, I'm just grateful that our last conversation was a good one and he knew I loved him.
The day of his death is also our half-sister's birthday.


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One of the last pictures of my brother and his son before his untimely death. RIP!
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