General Fiction posted February 21, 2022

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222 Tale

Is It Moral to Kill Metal?

by AliMom

The angel of death came for me last night. I recognized him right away. The light bulb kept flickering and I knew it was him.

I can't rightly say I didn't deserve it though. The perfect scheme to rid me of technology. All of it. A single rider on a non-threatening two-wheeled bike, a bomb. Genius! The machines would never expect such a low-tech attack. Before you know it, everything will be gone. Sure, we'll be without lights, heat, instant food for a while. But, so what? We're moving too fast anyway.
We've lost track of the important things in life.

They think I never considered the ramifications of my decision both criminal and political. That's not true. I knew they would put me away for a long time if I got caught. I was prepared to pay. It was worth it to wake up those government clowns. I also knew the government would turn it into a non-story. Just some psycho trying to work off steam. They'd never admit the truth. Their own devices have turned against them. Against us. But it's okay now. The bomb has been planted. The timer is set. By heaven, I'd make them pay.

God, I just pray that when they decide to execute me, they'll make it quick. A quick shot to the head and lights out. None of that excruciating long-winded speechifying that usually goes along with making an example of someone just trying to do his part to save a world gone mad.

"Lights Out! Let's go, leader of the free world. Lights out for you too."

They taunt me but they have no idea what I've done for them. They're like ignorant school children. No understanding of the sacrifice I've made on their behalf. If they knew, they'd give me a medal. They'd build monuments to me. There's no justice in the world. Fools! I'm a friggin' hero. Yet, here I am rotting in hell while they all continue to poke fun. Don't they know I did it for them?

Ah, what's the use? When I resigned from my job at Information Technologies Temp. Services, I knew I had a purpose, a goal in life. I was going to stop the machines. I could hear them talking to each other, planning the murder of millions of people. They were going to take over the world. Here we were thinking we were at peace and they were making plans for war.

"Alright, pipe down in there, Nelson. You know the rules. Quiet after lights out!"

Oh, I'll be quiet, alright. And the lights, heh- heh. They'll be out permanently. Clicks and Whirs, Nelson. Clicks and Whirs. That's all you're hearing. There's no conspiracy. Don't you think if something was going on the government would know about it? they said.

They're in on it, don't you see? They'll kill us all! It'll all be over soon. I await my fate.

I know technology has its uses. But...
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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