Romance Fiction posted February 20, 2022

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Go to where no man has gone

A Night We Shant Forget

by Tom Horonzy

I heard told opposites attract. I had a hard time believing that until I met my match, not physically, for you see, I am six foot four, and she is four foot six. I also weigh two hundred and one pounds, whereas my gal scales out at one hundred and two, soaking wet. We both are pied-eyed. Each has one blue and one gray eye, but hers are opposite of what mine are.
We met by chance at a fraternity dance where the rule was BYOB. She didn't drink. I did, which explains in part how we were introduced, for, under the buzz of alcohol, I step to cross the floor for a back-up brew when wham! I knocked her to the floor. I mean, she was so small, I thought I tripped over a footstool, that I wasn't expecting to be where she was splayed like an area rug and every bit unconscious.
As I picked her up, she was limp. I feared this was the end or the beginning of life without parole. Had I become a murderer? What to do? Someone spoke out, "Get her a drink." Unfortunately, or not, I had a can in hand, and gently pressed its lip to hers. She stirred and spit, spraying words hard to understand. " What is it you are trying to do? Get me blitzed?" How could I not concur? The drink I'd given her was a Schlitz, and though it was offered spontaneously, she could suppose that was my intent.
One must remember college is about new and exciting experiences, especially for one leaving home innocent. She still was. What could be my excuse? I was trying to be all the man I could be without enlisting in the Marines.
Anyway, I had stormed ashore, weapon in hand, accidentally disarming what could have been an ever-lasting opponent. So instead, I made amends, surrendering my desire to imbibe in drink. In doing so I not only made a new friend, but one that I wound up marrying, having two kids, both with grandchildren on the way. How could such a beginning flower into something as beautiful as what we now share from the night we met and shant forget? Either of us.

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Word count 350 minimum-400 maximum

Write a Fictional Story about First Love between a male and female couple

No vulgar words, profanity,
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No animals/No satire/No scripts/No war stories or Dear John letters/No deathbed stories in hospital or hospice care stories

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