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A 500 word supernatural tale

Stirring the Ashes

by AliMom

"It was the fire that woke me. The thick smoke and the stench of burning flesh. I screamed myself awake and at once Mama was at my side, wiping my feverish brow and rocking me back and forth to soothe away the pain and terror. The little ones lay sleeping in the corner of the cabin. They hardly seemed bothered at all. They didn't seem to remember any of it. That's for the best. We could hear the middle one, she was eight or so back then, telling the story yet again."

"Dis here the spot," she said. Right here da spot where da cabin used to be. Dey come in da night lookin' like white ghosts, dragging daddy along by the neck. Dey beat him awful bad.
Look a here,' one said. 'You gon' clear off dis here property lak we asked you? We offered to pay you for it. Daddy could hardly talk his lips was so swollen.

We ain't got no place else to go, he said and dey shook him hard at the end of dat rope.

Burn it! Another one of those sheet ghosts said.

No, please don't, daddy said. I'll do it. Muh families inside.

I don't believe yuh, they said.

Ruth, daddy screamed, send the children out. Mama hesitated, uncertain. They rode toward the cabin on horses with flaming torches.

Awright! Take the land! Just let my family go. They turned him loose in a heap shoving a paper in his face.

You know how to sign your name, boy? Daddy nodded, blood running down front of his tore up shirt. Wrote his name on the paper.

Awrighty then. We don't need this particl'r building right there. Burn it.

No-o-o! Daddy screamed running for the cabin.

Dat shotgun blast was loud enough to rock da whole place. Mama started pushin' the middle one out the back winda'. Get the babies she shouted. But it was too late. Them torches flew threw da windows like Sodom and Gomorrah. Ever'thing that could burn was burnt up includin' my mama n' sisters and brothers. They stayed and watched them burn, those old ghost people. If you put your hand just here, she knelt in the dirt to show them, you can still hear the screamin'.

I run into the woods n' hid 'til some folks over yonder found me. Told me not to tell for my own sake. They took me in, raised me. But they couldn't make me forget.

"Granny," her step-child asked, why do you keep coming back here? There's so much pain."

A tear slid slowly down granny's face. "They watched em burn. They buried the bones under the house. Wasn't nuthin left but ashes. I keep stirrin' the ashes so they knows I didn't forget 'em."

Her family watched them lead the old woman, the survivor, their sister, and daughter away.

"How long she gon' keep stirring up dese ashes, Mama?"

"Until somebody hears her I 'magine," Mama's spirit replied.

Supernatural Fiction Story writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Supernatural Fiction Story

Word count 450 minimum-500 maximum
No vulgar words, profanity,
or sex/sexual terms/ sexual innuendos implied or hinted
at in dialogue/scenes
No animals/No satire/No scripts or plays


The strange spellings are my attempt to imitate the dialect of the people in the story. They are not errors. I had a dickens of a time trying to punctuate so that you, dear reader would always know who was speaking. I hope I succeeded. Not a happy tale, I know but a supernatural one. I wonder how many untold stories are buried out there in ashes and pain?
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Artwork by Renate-Bertodi at

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