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First date leads to marriage

First Date

by Anne Johnston

There have been many wonderful days in my life, so it is hard to decide what was the best day ever. But the one that stands out is my first date with the man who would later become my husband.

A friend had invited me to go with her to the home of her parents in Ontario. Her husband was going to be attending a Conference and she needed help with her twin daughters who were about six months old at the time. Having met some of her family before this was an easy decision to make.

On our second day there, she and her mother went to visit one of her sisters, leaving me to look after the girls. Her brother, Rich, whom I had met earlier in the year, came to the house while they were gone.

Their dad had some health problems and would alternate between sitting in the kitchen and going to his room to rest. There was a younger brother who lived there as well. It was like musical chairs for awhile. The dad would come out of his room and sit down in his rocking chair about the same time the brother went outside. When he got up to go to his room, it seemed that would be the time the brother would come back in. Rich and I were never alone.

After awhile he went upstairs and when he came back down, he stood at the foot of the stairs and beckoned me into the hall. He didn't say anything, just passed me a note, which read: "Would you like to go to Ottawa with me tomorrow and visit the Parliament Buildings?" Of course, there was no question, "yes" was the only answer. From the first time that I met him, there was something that drew me to him. Knowing several of his family, they had nothing but good things to say about him.

In the morning he picked me up and we set off for Ottawa. It was a beautiful October day, and the leaves were in full colour. We had interesting conversation on the trip, and he impressed me with his appreciation of the beauty of nature. Not having traveled much in my life, this was my first visit to the Parliament Buildings. It was very enjoyable, doing the tour and exploring the grounds.

Ottawa is a beautiful city, and there are many scenic drives to enjoy. Rich had spent time there before and knew exactly where to go. It was so interesting, and I felt so comfortable in his presence. It seemed like we had known each other for years. We both had a strong faith in the Lord, and so had many things to talk about.

Of course, when we got back to his parents' home, more of his family had gathered at the farm to visit and enjoyed teasing us, but neither of us minded.

We went out two or three more times during the remainder of my visit, but then I had to go back to New Brunswick. It was hard to leave, not knowing when we would see each other again.

A couple of weeks later, he wrote me a letter with pictures he had taken, and the news that he was going to California for the winter. It looked like things were not going to work out. Praying about it helped me to just leave it with the Lord, that His will would be done.

This is the way it was for several months; we were on opposite sides of the continent. We did correspond regularly. In the Spring, he came down to visit and we realized that we loved one another and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We were married in September and had thirty-five wonderful years together.

Writing this brings back so many memories of that first day we spent together, just enjoying the Fall foliage and enjoying one another's company. It was the first of many, and after we were married, Ottawa was our favourite place to visit. I miss him so much, but am thankful for all the great memories, including that one special day.

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Love this picture of Ottawa. Many great memories of visiting there, but this first one is the best.
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