General Fiction posted February 9, 2022

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A short story about a pet fish in love.

Unrequited Fish

by AliMom

Something Fishy's Going On Contest Winner 

Oh fishy, my fishy, you saucy little minx. I should have suspected something was afoot (a-fin?) when you jumped up in your bowl whenever I passed. Your tail would swish and you'd frolic and play as if I swam side by side with you in the water.

I was sure when you began to press your face against the glass in a most peculiar way, face-forward, not sideways like other fish do. And those charming little bubbles shaped like hearts you'd make just for me. You'd fallen for me in a big way.

But fishy, you must know it would never work. You can't breathe out here and I can't breathe in there. Your living space is far too small for my needs, smaller than a tiny house. We don't share many interests in common. Maybe eating together and watching 'Animal Planet' or '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea', but is that enough to build a relationship upon? We don't even speak the same language! I do love you Fishy but not in that way. If I hugged you, I would kill you.

I suspect it's your loneliness speaking for you. I've often wondered how you spend hours and hours in that bowl without companionship. When I tried to bring another Beta fish in, you attacked her. I don't know what would have happened had I not intervened to rescue her.

Besides, I'm married and my husband is threatening to flush you down the toilet if you don't cut it out.

Writing Prompt
Your pet fish has fallen madly in love with you. What were the signs? Let him or her down gently while explaining why you don't do inter-species dating. Write a story 200 (minimum) - 250 (maximum) words about this fishy dilemna. (No mermaids or sea monsters please) Be kind. Let's assume fish have feelings too.

Something Fishy's Going On
Contest Winner

Just a little fun with fish based on a strange relationship that my pet beta had with my daughter. Unfriendly little buggers towards other fish but as it turns out they don't mind people. Who knew?
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Cindy Sue Truman at

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