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A poem about love at first sight, not!

It Wasn't Love

by AliMom

When we first met. Contest Winner 
When we first met it wasn't love
It wasn't even like
I wasn't thrilled with you, my dove
My thought was, "take a hike"

Your looks, they did not catch my eye
My heart, it did not dance
I thought you were an okay guy
But date you, not a chance

I did not see you for romance
But someone I could trust
Barely gave you a passing glance
No hearts and sighs for us

A deep abiding friendship then
We shared our heart's desires
Like would grow and love begin
To light romantic fires

Things changed 'round then quite a bit

You became my sweet baboo
I became your honeydew
Through thick and thin we made it through
Our years now number forty-two
We've found a love that's real and true
I can't imagine how you knew
That I would wind up marrying you

When first it wasn't love

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any length or type, about when you first met your significant other. What did you think?

When we first met.
Contest Winner

It wasn't love at first sight for my husband and me. We hardly looked at one another. He was dating a friend of mine and became good friends through her. When they broke up, we remained friends finding we had a good deal in common. But still no romance. We were good friends for a long time. Then we loved one another. He says he always knew.

The change in meter is purposeful, just as the change in rhyme scheme. It is meant to reflect the change and pacing of the relationship.
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