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The Competitive Streak

by LisaMay

Belinda Inglis, a shy teenager, was resistant to her parents’ expectations that she should play sport. Her father had starred in a top soccer team; her mother was respected for being a state representative in basketball and swimming; Grandpa Joe still actively played tennis; and Nana Nina was in a competitive bowling league. However, Belinda preferred to spend her free time in the privacy of her room with her laptop computer.

“Belinda,” her father called encouragingly as he knocked on her bedroom door, “Come outside and kick a ball with me? Get some skills, then you could join a team.”

“No thanks, Daddy. I’m busy.”

It was her mother’s turn. “Belinda,” she cooed sweetly. “Can I persuade you to come to the tennis courts with Grandpa and me?”

“No thanks, Mum. I’m still busy.”

“Belinda Inglis,” complained her father, “you’re a disgrace to our family’s proud tradition of excellence in sports.”

“Belinda Inglis,” complained her mother, “I’m worried about your mental health. It’s not good for you to be shut up in your room so much, hardly ever spending time with friends. Have you got any friends? We never see them.”

The adults were concerned that Belinda lacked a competitive streak in pursuing physical endeavours, but although she refused to play sport, she was not an entirely uncooperative teen. Neither was she unfit or uncaring. She offered to do yard work and helped with gardening. She washed the car. She took neighbours’ dogs for walks. She tutored a boy in reading and spelling… as long as she was paid.

“Should we be concerned about how money-focused Belinda is?” Nana Nina asked one day. “She wants me to pay her to polish my balls.”

Grandpa Joe fell about laughing. “Just as well you’re the one with the big shiny ones that need polishing. Mine are fluffy.”

Just then, Belinda came rushing out of her room, eyes aglow, bursting with excitement. “I won! I scooped the pool! I won lots of money!”

“Oh no!” wailed Belinda’s mum, turning to her husband in distress. “So that’s what she’s been doing in there. Online gambling!”

“Well, sort of…” Belinda admitted. “I joined FanStory. It’s expensive ’cos I’ve been entering contests, but now I’ve won a prompt with a story about inspirational sports stars. Look – my pseudonym is Bling.” She showed her family the laptop screen. “See how many friends have congratulated me?”    


~ Family Story ~ (fiction) writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
~ Family Story ~ (fiction)
Write a fiction story ~Read all rules!
400 word maximum
No vulgar words, sexual terms, murder, ghosts, or profanity allowed
No references to any political figures, past or present, such as same names or political parties/ideas such as Marxism--no warnings allowed
Story is to be about humans
No Christmas stories or adoption/birth of children, or a human in the hospital/hospice care with little time left to live
No writing, animation, music included with one picture allowed
Black font only

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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