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tax incentives

A chapter in the book The Corona saga


by Iza Deleanu

Le Quebecois are the innovators in regards in finding sadistic ways to punish the unvaccinated people: torture mois the Quebecois way: put an extra tax on me! Seriously first give me some money from the federal government, and then take it back through the provincial tax. Mmm, what a clever way to keep the economy booming when everybody is in lockdown! Wow, wait you didn't know that they are still blocked in 2020? Locked down! Close everything, so Coronella cannot creep in. Yup they are still there waiting for the six, seven wave to happen. In the meantime, in Alberta we are lucky we still go to the gym and enjoy the niece "Weather" bonus Omicron.

Francois, this it's the time for us to move in the wilderness and live out of the grid! Coronella will not dare to come into our wilderness.

Jacque do you think we can infect the mother Bear? I don't want to endanger that species

Francois will answer something like this: Main non!, zi only endageroues zpecies will be les deux of us, when will be starving to Oh Mon Dieu, to death because of the new taxes.

There are rumors that other provinces wants to adopt this inquisition method for the sake of their citizens! Thanks God, not Alberta. I think this is the only province that managed to keep their heads on the shoulders!

What the heck happen to the world today? We are acting like a heard! Haven't they learnt from Eastern Europe? If you keep on taking at the end will end up with a revolution? Then say hello to anarchy, and chaos! Look at all those ex-communistic country. It's been more than twenty years since they are trying to recover, and they still gravitated around the same issues.

It's funny how one man made human fake pandemic, turned our lives upside down and made us puppets. We are afraid of our own shadows! How is possible to get so low. God purge us, now! We are not worthy of your trust and the gift you have us, we tarnished! Free will? It's a metaphor! We have no will! It's enough for somebody to scream Coronella and everybody runs likes scared hens!

My broken is intentional to make the text funny.
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