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Family Story contest entry

The Family

by DragonSkulls

My family drove me to suicide. It was nothing major, just a million
little things. My wife's constant nagging, the endless requests of
Daddy this, Daddy that, my wife's parents coming over every
Sunday for dinner, which led to more nagging. Not only that, but
a dead-end job, jerk boss, co-workers with the brains of mildew,
just everything in general. I was tired of it all. That's when I
said, "I'm going out for a loaf of bread."

It's not so much a bucket list, per se, just things I've always wanted
to see before I died. So I started the car and decided to take a long
road trip out west to California. 

My first stop was Mackinaw City, Michigan where I saw the world's
largest hot-dog. I ordered one from the restaurant underneath and
the size of that absurdity was down right insulting.

Next stop, Collinsville, Illinois. That's where I saw the 170 foot bottle
of ketchup. Lame.

The UFO Welcome Center in Bowman, South Carolina was a dud, but at
least I saw it.

Cawker City, Kansas had the biggest ball of twine. Not worth the detour. 

The trip to Alliance, Nebraska was the pinnacle of my journey. There,
before my eyes, stood Carhenge. It was the recreation of Stonehenge,
just made up of junk cars instead. It was awesome. I could die a happy
man now.

I reached my destination of Santa Monica, California. The day was
gorgeous. I thought to myself, "What a beautiful day to die." I leisurely
strolled to the end of the Santa Monica Pier and then jumped into the
Pacific and began to swim. With each stroke I thought about my life
and my family. I swam until hypothermia started kicking in and I
couldn't swim any more. That's when I finally determined that I didn't
want to go through with this. I really did love my family. I couldn't do
this to them. I wanted to live.

When I turned around, I saw two winged figures floating above me.
I asked the one on the right, "Who are you?"

In an angelic voice she replied, "I'm your guardian angel. Looks like
I messed up and let you swim way too far out here. I uuuhhhh..."

I looked at the other figure and asked, "And you?"

"I'm the angel of death. Let's hurry this up, I'm on a tight schedule
and have places to be."

I glared at him with a questioning frown and as I started to sink into the
frigid water, I thought to myself, "Dang, how rude."


~ Family Story ~ (fiction) writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Fiction Story ~ READ ALL RULES!!!
No vulgar words, sexual terms, murder, ghosts, or profanity allowed--no warnings
No Stories about Christmas or Christmas Day/No stories about adoption of children OR a human in the hospital/hospice care with little time left to live
MUST be about HUMANS
Minimum of 400 and maximum of 450 words
No writing on the ONE picture that's allowed /No animation with picture or music
One color of font only

The picture is of Carhenge.
Thanks for reading.

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