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A chapter in the book DIFFERENCES (final draft)

Chapter thirty-eight

by dmt1967

Two men in black suits and shades stood either side of the plane hatch. They saluted, slammed, and locked the door once the general and his son entered.

“We’re ready for take-off, Commander,” the taller of the two shouted above the noise of the engines. 

Jake raised his eyebrow. “Commander?”

Tom sighed and turned crimson. “In the army, I left with the rank of captain but you—” he jerked his head towards Jake –“the—” he waved his left hand in the air –"Filtiam promoted me and put me in charge of the human lesion.” 

Jake smiled and shook his head. “So, even that was a lie.” He sank into a cream leather seat and gazed out of the window.

Tom reached out and touched Jake’s arm. “Look, Son...”

“Save it, D... C... What do you want me to call you?”

Tom Sullivan gave a sheepish grin. “Well, you can still call me Dad. Nothing has changed and I—"

Jake stared at him. “You can’t believe that! Everything has changed.” His hands shook as he raised his voice. “I find out my dad’s not my dad. I discover

I’m not human. I am deceived, betrayed and, oh save it.” Jake turned his face away and stared out of the window.

“Ahem.” The two security men glanced at each other and frowned. “We are about to take off, Sir. We need you to strap in.” 

Tom sighed. “We can talk about this when we land.”

“Talk about what! The fact that you lied to me not only about my origin but about you and your secret life. You know I forgave you for not telling me about my adoption and about the real me. I thought he couldn’t. Thought you were trying to save my feelings. I thought you were the good guys for taking me in; giving me a roof over my head; a stranger’s son, but now.” Jake covered his face with his hands. “How can I ever trust you again, or him. The general’s not only my father but my boss!”

Tom grimaced. “We were trying to protect you. We thought—"

“Thought, thought what? That I couldn’t take it? That you might mess with my head?”

Tom lowered his head and stared at the floor. “Yes. We thought one shock was enough. We—"

“Oh, save it.” Jake sat down and put his seat belt on he caught Vera’s eye and she smiled at him. He gave her a curt smile and turned back to the window.

Tom sat next to his wife.

Jake’s ears pricked as he saw her open her mouth to speak.

Vera leaned towards him. “He’s not taking this well.”

Tom nodded.

“I thought he forgave us back there.”

“Maybe you, but not me. I was his hero, his knight, but now; I’m his villain. Maybe he’ll never trust me again?” Tom leaned back and closed his eyes. 

The desert turned from sand to water as the plane flew over the sea. Jake stared out of the window with unseen eyes. God, to see Callore again. But what about my problem. Should I tell her about my desire to be a woman? Would she flip? It was not nice being lied to. But did I lie? I didn’t deceive her as my two so-called fathers did to me. But she lied to me as well. She knew about Tom and the general’s relationship and she never told me. Do I really want to be in a relationship like that? A voice broke Jake’s line of thought.

“We’re here,” Adrian shouted.

Jake touched his parted lips. “How do you know?”

Adrian yawned and stretched. “I can see Vampire Mountain.”

A snowy terrain appeared on the horizon. The plane dropped and began its descent.

“A group will meet us there. The general wants to see us at once to discuss the plan,” Adrian whispered.

Tom raised an eyebrow. “How does he know that?” he mouthed.

Jake shrugged. “By brain waves. They work the same as mobiles, but the receiver is the mind and not a phone. I thought you would know that.”

Tom shrugged. “I know werepires, vamps and wolves have the ability, but I always thought Adrian was a human.” He frowned and scratched his head.

“Isn’t he?”

“I would have thought the general would have shared Adrian’s situation with his great friend,” Jake spat through clenched teeth.

Captain Tom Sullivan opened his mouth to speak, thought better of it, and shut it again. 

The plane touched down with a bump and came to a stop. Adrian nudged Vera and Tommy. 

Tommy yawned. “Are we there yet?”

Adrian nodded, opened the door, and climbed out of the plane onto the tarmac.

Jake bit his lip. “I didn’t know we had an airstrip.”

Adrian grinned and touched his nose with his index finger. “Now, if we showed you everything in your first go, life would get boring, don’t you think Master Wolfhound?” 

Jake gazed around at his now-familiar home with its row of huts on one side and its column of trees on the other. This is my home, or I thought it was, but now...

“Jake, I’ve missed you so much.” Callore threw her arms around him and tried to kiss him.

He took both her hands and held her at arm’s length.

 She frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Jake’s nostrils flared. “You knew.”

Callore starched her head. “Knew what?” She spotted the commander and waved. “Oh, I get you. Yes, I knew.”

“You don’t even sound sorry,” Jack sputtered.

Callore shook her head, pulled her captured wrists out of his grasp, and sighed. “Tell you what? This is war, young wolfhound, and in war, even your closest to you will keep certain things hidden if it means keeping you safe.” She tried to place her hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off. “Oh, grow up. I couldn’t tell even if I wanted to. It wasn’t my place. I—,” she frowned— “I hope you haven’t been given him a hard time.”

Jake snorted. “A hard time! He lied, you lied, everyone lied. Is that why some soldiers are laughing at me because they knew, and I didn’t?”

Callore swallowed a laugh and hid her wide grin behind her hand. “No, my sweet. They’re laughing because of your inexperience and some, quite frankly don’t believe you should be next in line to lead due to you growing up with humans. Also, the elders think you are too immature.” She rolled her eyes. “I’m beginning to see why.”

Jake clenched and unclenched his fists. “Don’t laugh at me! Why do you think this is funny! This is not funny!”

Callore narrowed her eyes. “No, it’s not. Did you upset him?”

Jake shuffled his feet. “Who?”

“The commander.”


“Oh, Jake.” Callore threw her hands in the air. “Do you know what he and his wife gave up for you? Do you know the sacrifices the general and Eva made to keep you safe? Do you think it was easy for her to give up her only son? How easy do you think two humans had it looking after the next wolfhound leader? It was hell for both parties. Tom and Vera gave up everything, their home, their lives, their safety to care for you. The general and Eva sacrificed their son, sent him away to be cared for by others for his safety.” She shook her head. “At least your parents loved you, both pairs. All mine ever wanted to do was kill or change me into a full-bred vampire.” She turned away and a tear trickled down her cheek.
Jake turned red. “I’m s-sorry. I hate being lied to and, I didn’t know. I—"

Adrian tapped Jake on the shoulder. “The general wants to see us pronto.”

Callore tilted her head to one side and outstretched her arm. “So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to act like our next leader or like a schoolboy the elders think you are?”

Jake took her and sighed. “Well, put like that, do I have a choice?”

Callore grinned and shook her head. “No, not really.” 

Jake tried to pull his hand away.

Callore rolled her eyes. “Now, what?”

Might as well get everything out there. She kept this from me, I kept this from her, guess we’re even. He screwed up his face. “There’s more.”

“Can’t it wait. The general—"

Jake shook his head. “No, this concerns our future, that’s if we have a future after you hear what I have to say.” 

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