General Fiction posted December 20, 2021

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A short supernatural tale

Game Over Man

by AliMom

Joe Mack, paranormal investigator, came crashing through the bay window-smashing window and pane and sat scratching his head in wonder on the small quiet street.

"Okay," he thought, "let's go over this again: Engage the subject. Assess the situation. Question the subject. Demand that he leaves the premises immediately." Seemed easy enough. Yet this was the third time he'd been unsuccessful at extraction. What was he doing wrong? Had he offended it somehow?

"Look, you don't live here anymore," he'd explained. "Time to move on. Pack it up! Shuffle off this coil. In short, get out!" It didn't seem offended, annoyed maybe, ...distracted.

Then, his painful exit.

He brushed small pieces of glass from his person and wondered that no one had opened a door or turned on a porch light. Did they not hear the ruckus? Or were they choosing to ignore it? You'd think they'd at least check on him. They were laying out the dough for the job. He stood looking around for signs of life. Silence.

Nothing to do but go back in and try again. He limped up the path and pushed open the door to blaring cartoon music.

"Listen bub, you're creating a problem for the neighborhood."
The dark, malevolent figure floated menacingly in front of him, intent on its business. Its transparent fingers flew over the game controls.

"Pay attention here! Your parents have been trying to get you out of here for years. Now, it's nobody's fault about the car accident. You were driving drunk. You created this situation. Stop torturing your folks and the neighbors for something you have to take responsibility for. You're thirty-four years old. Time to grow up! It's time to leave!"

Bright, colorful lights danced across the game screen. "You win!" rumbled the game console.

The figure heaved a huge sigh, dropped the controller, and headed toward the front door. Sadness and joy almost suffocated the paranormal investigator when the entity passed through him and out the door.

"Sad when they have to leave home," he thought. "Maybe they have Nintendo in the afterlife."

SUPERNATURAL~ (NOT HORROR fiction) writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
No vulgar words, profanity, sexual terms, or ANY warning labels allowed
Minimum of 300 and maximum of 350 words
No writing, music, animation, on the ONE picture that's allowed
One color of font only

Unfinished business has a way of keeping one attached to a place.
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