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Another crazy story about my crazy family

Roller Coasters and Physics

by AliMom

At about age ten, when children's ideas and decisions are most rational and sensible, my older brother, who we trusted and followed with great sibling devotion, decided to challenge the annals of recorded history by breaking the record for most roller coaster rides in a day. It was unofficial, of course. We couldn't get Ripley or Guinness to come out and document our amazing achievement. Our parents refused to help us make the calls. Truthfully, they thought we were a little crazy and thought it wiser to wait until we achieved other milestones like a doctorate in physics or medicine.

Parents, right? I know.

After the first ride, they hopped off and drifted over to the concession stand nearby. Mom said, "If you insist on riding over and over, we'll be near the coaster eating hotdogs and ice cream." I think she thought that might dissuade us from our challenge. She didn't count on the tenacity of the beast with three heads who shared one brain. My father who believed experience was the best teacher unless it killed you, said, "Eh, it's free. They'll figure it out."

By ride six, the operator barked, "Out, you three! If you want to ride again, you have to get on the end of the line." Little did he know, we had a secret weapon; Huge, 'Chuck Jones, kitty cat eyes' - the kind that draws sympathy from the most hard-hearted curmudgeon. People kept letting us cut the line. By ride ten, he stopped throwing us off and simply loaded the cars around us.

Around ride twenty-two, it began to get dicey. My sister, who'd never really had a very strong stomach, began to turn pea green. Her cheeks puffed out and her hands flew over her mouth.

"Take deep breaths!" my brother shouted like a true captain. "You can do it!" He breathed along with her to demonstrate. She, of course, was unable to comply, her eyes growing round as dinner plates while the people behind us began fanning her. I began to feel like this quest was not a good idea.

"Hold on!" my brother screamed as we flew around the turn.

"Mmf, mmf," she answered.

"Here comes the downhill turn," he yelled.

She looked a bit like a kaleidoscope, fractured and colorful. I backed up as far against my brother as I could. She trembled and broke out in a sweat.

"Don't you do it," my brother said. "Don't!" As if by sheer force of will he could stop her involuntary spasms.

Just as we hit the top of the loop, she made a retching, gurgling sound and returned that morning's breakfast which my mother insisted we eat, so we wouldn't spend too much money at the park. Trust me when I tell you, it did not look the same as when it went in.

Here's where we learned about centrifugal force. Her breakfast seemed to hover in the air a moment before cascading onto our heads when we came down on the other side of the loop. It covered the helpful people behind us and a few innocent bystanders. Not to be outdone, my brother, let loose a stream splattering the three of us again. This triggered a chain reaction that began with me and stretched before and behind with riders in every car joining the distasteful explosion.

Chaos ensued as people on the ground scattered, screaming in every direction to escape and not contribute to the toxic rain. Let's just say they were unsuccessful. The park closed for cleanup and a splatter zone was erected. There was talk of a lawsuit but really, who can fault three kids for trying to break a world record?

A new kind of record was achieved that day. We were so proud. Our parents, who wouldn't let us in the car until we were hosed off, don't talk about it though.

Parents, right?

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You may recognize this family from "The Gingerbread Debacle". Just because we got a little older, it doesn't mean we got smarter. The strangest things seemed to happen to us creating very peculiar situations. The babies stayed with grandma this trip but we, as always, had loads of fun. Well, probably not our parents but they loved us nonetheless.
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