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Learning life lessons from these

Sunset, Evening Star, and Moon

by Kit Nongkhlaw

I went for an evening walk in my garden. The rays of the setting sun shone on the flowers. I went and climbed up to the terrace of my two-storeyed house to see this stunning sunset better. The beauty of the golden rays mesmerizes me while I watch the setting sun quietly and gradually go towards the end of the horizon.

Gradually, the hue and color of the entire landscape change. The hills, vales, and the trees surrounding my house become darker with the onset of dusk. Here and there, lights shine from the houses in the near and far away villages.

While the sun is almost set, there is a small light coming from the tiny evening star. To the east, from behind the clouds, comes the moon. To the west, I see the setting sun and the rising tiny evening star, while to the east I see the new moon. Words cannot describe the exquisite beauty as I watch solemnly each moment of this celestial wonder.

While I turn towards the east and west, admiring the beauty of creation, the thought suddenly comes to me. Can I learn any lessons from them? Yes, there are many life lessons to learn.

The sun shines so brightly during the day, and then its light fades away. After the sun has set, then only I can see this tiny evening star. After the star, comes the rising moon. When the darkness envelops the world, then only I can see the innumerable stars and the beauty of the night sky.

I realize that life is like all three - the sun, the little star, and the moon. So many had risen and set like the sun in my life. My parents, many of my friends, my job, and many other things. Then one day, my life will also set behind the horizon. But like the sun, I will rise again.

Then life is also like this tiny evening star shining a little light. The light is so tiny compares to the vastness of the horizon. I am exceedingly tiny, but let me enjoy the way I am. Very few people know or admire me, but let me continue to shine my tiny little light.

Life is also like the moon. First, it appears in a tiny crescent and gradually becomes full and then becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears. God has created me as I am, from a hardly visible tiny crescent to what I am today. Let me give the small light as the changing sizes of the moon for when the sun rises, the moon gradually hides its face.

Sometimes, life visibility is zero because of the night, dark clouds, rain, or other phenomena. However, without clouds, the rain will not come. Without rain, life will not sustain. Without life, the world is meaningless. But as God has created this beautiful planet with life, let us live our life fully. Let us shine our lights in whatever the conditions.


Sunset contest entry

This is a real story. I was just discharged from the hospital when I went for this evening walk.
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