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Turned His his life Around

Robert Slagle

by country ranch writer

This single dad has found out as they say everyone deserves to get a second chance.what you do with it is what counts! To save time let's just say he has come a long way in turning his life around and has been rewarded for all he has done since to change and get his life back on track for his family.
He was surprised when his friend got told him the good the news paper wrote an article about him and his achievements. They called himTop Gun.
Mr Robert Slagle, you and your company are here by recognized asTop Gun County auto by the county advisory board.

Top Guns are recognized as some one whose skills abs services goes above and beyond to make their local community Proud. He just stood their in awe reading the article that his fried sent him when he exclaimed you got to be kidding me. His friend said, here read it yourself and pushed the send button on his computer. Once Robert received the paper his eyes started to water as he began to read the write up. Robert Slagle, you are here by admired for your Entrepreneurshi, highly commended for owning and operating a business that adds financial well-being and stability to pinellas County,and you are appreciated for your participation in social betterment activities.They went on to say Well Done Robert Slagle, The reporter went on to say,"we need mor folks like him in the world." We all could users more news like this."
Robert was talking on the phone and heard his computer say you got mail turning in his chair to inquire what was in his email. He said to his friend other end of the phone well, they just sent me an email confirming everything I just read. You lucky devil he says. Robert said," hard work and determination pays if in the long run. Sometimes I have to admit I surprise my self!"my dad always said," good things come to those that patiently wait."Robert called Robert Sr.and relayed to him what had just happened. His dad had pride in his voice when he said," you deserve it son, congratulations!"
Hanging up the phone, tears of happiness was running down his cheeks,he felt like a little kid again.
For the next few hours people began calling him. Some drove by and stopped in to congratulate him. Some blew their car horn as they drove by yelling to him saying way to go Rob! all while he was talking to folks outside.It was the happiest day of his life!His daughter just home from school runs and hugs him, He was finishing up his paper work so they could leave in timeto go to hid dads to eat supper.
When he arrived there was so many people there he was wondering where they all come from. Because it was it was a surprise Robert didn't know his dad invited people over.

Making A Difference writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write an inspirational story in 500 words or less. One character must make a positive difference of some kind in another character's life.
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