Supernatural Fiction posted November 29, 2021

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Another haunting, another true ghost story

The Old Man

by CL Huth

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

The front door was warm beneath my fingertips. Weird. Hauntings usually meant cold. My clients clung together on the front walk.

“I’ll be back.” I stepped inside.

At first, I felt nothing, but that’s not how remnant energy worked. Every building that has ever had an entity, dead or alive, move through it has this…zing. It thrums in the walls, under the floorboards, and even in the dirt beneath the foundation.

But this place was empty, like every bit of energy had been sucked dry.

The further into the house I went, the lower the temperature dropped. In the kitchen, all the doors stood open, and the drawers hung haphazard from their cabinets amid the chaos of broken dishes and glassware and scattered silverware.

Then I felt it. In the middle of the chaos hid a thread of cold power. It tagged each door and drawer like a thumbprint I could see in my head. I followed it out of the kitchen and into living room. But the entity hadn’t lingered there long.

In the hallway, it painted angry splashes of energy against the walls, and while the temperature had dropped consistently before, here it simply fell. I ran my hands over my arms, as small clouds of breath billowed from my mouth.

The thread bypassed the hall bath and children’s bedrooms. Instead, it stomped over the threshold of the master suite, leaving more chaos in its wake. I followed it to the empty closet, contents strewn across the room. It climbed upward into the open attic access.  

I stepped back out of the closet, and icy prickles bit at my back through the layer of my shirt, raising the hairs on my neck. Shit, found it.

GET OUT! A deep male voice bellowed in my head. He shoved me backward, blasting my face with a burst of arctic air. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

I threw more energy into my personal shield until the cold around me was muted. Damn, no wonder I couldn’t really feel anything anywhere else. He’d used it all to manifest here.  

Easily six feet tall on his own, the energy he’d gathered from the house made him feel larger. Combined with his unspent anger, I could see the blue of his eyes and a five o’clock shadow. The edge of his bicep showed white beneath the pressed button-down shirt, like a farmer’s tan. His slacks were navy or black with a crisp crease down the front.

Thin purple lines climbed from the front of his throat and disappeared behind his ears.

“You hung yourself?”

The color faded from his face. You can see me?

“Yes, it’s what I do.”

Energy poured off him in waves until he was human-sized again. This is my house.

I shook my head. “No, it’s not. Your house is gone. This one is new, and people live here. Or they would if you weren’t an asshole.”

His face contorted in anger. You can’t make me leave.

I raised a hand. “Except I can. I know it. You know it. So, let’s make this easy.”

His eyes flickered past me to the homeowners peeking around the door jamb.

“He isn’t going to bother you anymore,” I looked at the ghost. “Right? You’re going to leave them alone in their house.”

You can see me. Such sadness colored his words.

“Yes, so please don’t make me force you out, okay? You need to move on or find a new place to haunt. Anywhere but here.”

I will follow you.

I groaned. “I’d rather you didn’t.”

But he was already gone. Damn.


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Another story from my life experiences as someone who can see the dead. Hope you enjoy it!
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