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An unknown student donated blood

Blood For My Brother

by Kit Nongkhlaw

Blood Of Life Contest Winner 

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

My brother was operated on for kidney stones. Three years later, the problem aggravated. For better treatment, we took him to the best hospital in the country about 1800 miles away.

After he was admitted to this hospital, tests were carried out. When the results came, the doctors told us that one kidney was damaged, and it needed to be repaired. For this, they needed two pints of blood.

His blood type was A+ and mine was B+. My brother was confused. How could blood brothers have different blood types? Then the doctors explained we inherited different blood types from our parents.

I donated one pint of blood. But how to get another pint? The hospital strictly prohibited buying blood from unknown donors.

For weeks, I tried to get this blood for my brother. Out of frustration, I prayed, "Lord, you shed Your Blood to save us. Please help me."

The next day, my wife met a young engineering student who recognized her from her traditional dress. His mother hailed from our city.

This student came to our hotel where we discussed my brother not getting blood. Amazingly, this young student said, "I will donate my blood for your brother."

My wife, speaking in our language, told me to ask him how much he would charge. Not understanding the language, he asked us to explain in English. I asked him how much would he charge for the blood?

His body shook with anger. He told us that his blood was priceless. No amount of money in the world would pay for his blood. He would donate his blood to save my brother's life.

We got the blood. My brother was operated on successfully. That was over thirty years ago. My brother's life was saved. He has five children and is fine now.

Writing Prompt
Write a story that is 300 words or less about any subject. The story must feature a character who reveals his/her blood type, be it O, A, B, or AB and + or -. The reason may be a blood transfusion, donating blood, solving a crime, being a vampire, or doing the Blood Type diet, etc.

Blood Of Life
Contest Winner

This is a true story. My wife could not donate blood because of certain medical conditions. The story is quite long but I have condensed it to 299 words only. The Lord answered our prayers but in different ways. Image from Google free images.
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