General Poetry posted November 2, 2021

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What drives me crazy is drivers who don't use turn signals

Changing Lanes

by AliMom

A slight lift of the finger

No, not the middle one

That is reserved for those who lack couth

I speak of the one attached to the hand

Attached to the wheel

In control of the decision to turn right or left

It's not difficult

It requires no great effort

It saves lives

And helps the rest of us understand

Just what the hell you're doing

So we don't have to raise the middle one in salute

Drives me crazy. writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any style or length, about something that drives you nuts. It could be something that someone else does or a bad habit you can't break. Serious, funny, whatever you'd like.

I am a calm and peaceable soul but it drives me crazy when people change lanes or make turns without signalling first especially on crowded roadways and highways. It's dangerous and inconsiderate. It also drives me mad when they signal after they are already into the lane change rather than prior to the change. It is a preparatory move. Not a 'look what I just did' maneuver.
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