Horror and Thriller Fiction posted October 31, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
An eternal contract.

Dear Reader

by Yardier

OCT - Halloween's Scariest <500 wds Contest Winner 
The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Dearest reader, don't blame us for your choice to surrender your soul.  After all, in a hushed way, everyone knows one can't choose to not choose, yet who wants to admit they choose by not choosing?  Bothersome, isn’t it?  So, we slip in and out of shadows and wait patiently as you live life with a smile and a new toy.


Yes, little boys and girls love toys, and so do big boys and girls. You like toys to keep busy and mute the voice of personal accountability. We have found you mortals keep that denial religiously secret in your mind, soul, or wherever it is you hide the most important question of your wandering lives. Do you not know how ridiculous you appear by denying the obvious?  You are naked you know. Naked, absolutely naked. You are standing bare-ass naked in a world that is as dead as a grapevine in the Sahara Desert. What a terrible blind joke, how obvious does it need to be? Denial means death. Not just in the ground death, but into MY hand's death. Still, we didn't make up that rule; only God could come up with such logic and consequence, but we're sure as hell gonna use it.

I have to say though; there are some things I do like about Him, but not to the point of worship.  That’s for you mere mortals.

And now, dear reader, that time has come.  You know who I am.  I am Le Chien, the midnight hound; the little stone in your shoe and the kiss of fear on the nape of your neck and the well from which your nightmares come.  I stir your heart to boil up hatred that births words of destruction that shoot from your tongue like fiery darts intending to destroy that which is innocent and good. I stimulate your loins with the salve of lust to debase yourself with others.  It is I, who has been the shadow behind your cowardice, guilt, and the energy that blinds you with pride!

More importantly, it is I, and only I, who can offer you a life unencumbered with those wretched boundaries of guilt.  Imagine life without condemnation or rules.  It’s easy if you try, you will be able to do whatever you want, anything. 

Just imagine the pleasures….

I know..., what about joy and love, right?

Get over it, you pathetic trembling mouse of a creature.  Why He sacrificed Himself for you is beyond us.  He could have had this whole world and the riches in it, but no, He wanted your whimpering ass and look what it got Him, dead on a cross. 

Don’t bother trying to ignore what you now know.  Be bold, come on, make a choice, THE choice of a lifetime and surrender your soul and begin to experience eternal life in the fast lane.  It’s going to be a long hot ride in the horror of horrors!

OCT - Halloween's Scariest <500 wds
Contest Winner

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Artwork by Neilnap773 at FanArtReview.com

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