Supernatural Fiction posted October 25, 2021

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A tale of two spirits

My Analise, My Love

by AliMom

He'd gone to bed about ten not really resting but sleeping fitfully until about two. He thought he must have fallen asleep when he felt her breath warm, whispering, like a child's sigh in his ear and that familiar brush of hair against his neck before she snuggled against his back resting her head just beneath his shoulder blade pressing her body softly against his. It always caused a tingle from his ear to his toes. He loved the way she pressed against him in the darkness. It gave him a sense of security, a sense of wholeness. Their breathing synched, her breath against his back, here in the darkness, this, to him, was the most intimate time of their marriage.

They didn't spoon in the traditional manner with her, smaller than he, taking the inside of the human scoop. She always took the outside and threw her arm around his back where it rested under his arm, then she lay outlined against his body her cold feet finally coming to rest against the backs of his legs where she tried to tuck them in for warmth. Her feet were always freezing, poor thing. He tried to keep them warm until they fell asleep. She sighed against him.

He'd missed this. It had been a while a long while. She had contracted a fever somehow. The doctor had said it wasn't contagious but he'd moved her downstairs into the guest room for her rest and comfort. It had been easier to look after her there to bring her soup and medicine. He was glad she felt well enough to climb the stairs and return to their marital bed. He had been lonely.

My dearest, he whispered into the darkness behind his back. I'm glad you're feeling better. I have missed you so much, so very much.

"I'm sorry darling, did you say something? I couldn't hear you from the bathroom."

The door connecting the bath and bedroom opened and with it, light and wakefulness. The warmth fled as if frightened away. He was alone again.

He longed for the warmth of her touch but reality crept in. His darling, frail wife, his Analise, had passed away four years ago. Could he have been dreaming? He sat up in bed and turned on his bedside light.

"Darling? Analise?"

The curtains fluttered quietly in the wind. He felt a drop in temperature.

"Yes, dear. Be right in. I know how you hate sleeping alone", she whispered.

The room became colder as she stepped out of the shadows in front of him.

"I am here, my love. You'll never have to sleep alone again".

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