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You never know who or what enters your world.

The Masseuse

by Shirley McLain

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

The demon crawled up the shaft. Its long claws clicked on the rocks as it climbed the wall. The vile-looking creature looked as if a green lizard and a bumpy toad created the thing. Its misshapen head contained long twisted horns coming from the sides and top of the head. The mouth contained dirty brown teeth with fangs protruding out over the lower lip. Copious amounts of saliva ran down over its chin.

When it reached the top of the mineshaft, it jumped onto a large boulder to look around. "Nothing around here to see. I can change my appearance to make my appearance acceptable to my target. This target will fit nicely with the Master and his plans to understand the mind of a ruthless businessman."

Donald Alexander swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He planned on having a fun time at the office, completing his payback to Michael Thompson. Paybacks always brought him complete joy. Today would be the end of what's dear to Michael's heart. "I'll teach that slime to tell me no, again."

Donald chuckled to himself as he headed to the shower to begin his day. He had a set routine he followed every day as he had for the entirety of his life. His father taught him strict routines to save problems from developing.

After his shower, he headed to the dining room, where his morning green smoothie and a cup of coffee waited for him to enjoy. The morning paper sat by his place at the table, and turned to the business page. He watched closely what the paper said about his world every day.

Charles, the butler, spoke as Donald entered the dining room. "Good morning, Sir. Did you have a restful night?"

Donald didn't respond, but he never did. If dialogue became necessary, he said little. He mumbled to himself most of the time.

Sitting at the table while sipping his coffee, he dialed a number on his cell. With the first ring, a male voice answered. "Edward, is everything ready?"

"Yes, Sir. Just let me know when you want the stock shares purchased," Edward replied.

"Wait one hour, and as soon as the exchange opens, buy up the available shares."

"Yes, I understand," before Edward could get out another word, the phone line went dead.

The doorbell pealed like church bells. Edward promptly answered the door. Standing on the landing, holding an over sized case, stood a petite, blue-eyed girl with long, straight blonde hair.
"Hello, my name is April Sanders. I have an appointment with Mr. Alexander this morning. I am here to do his morning massage. Nicole is sick today, and I'm her replacement."

"Just a moment Miss. Would you please step into the foyer and wait a moment? I will be right back." Charles left April and went directly to his boss.

"Excuse me, sir, there is a Miss April Sanders here to give you your massage."

"Send her away," Donald replied.

"Sir, your regular girl is sick and will not be here today."

"Fine, have her set up in the usual place," Donald growled.

Within ten minutes, Donald stripped to his underwear and laid down on his gym's massage table.

"What are you going to do first, and what did you say your name was?"

"My name is April, and I plan to start with the warm river stones to relax your muscles."
Donald could feel his muscles relaxing after the warm stones and the perfect massage she gave him. He was so relaxed with the wonderful treatment and soft, soothing music playing, he dozed off.

April walked over to her case and quietly opened it. Taking out the object, she slowly walked back to Donald. She lifted her right arm up and quickly planted the object between Donald's shoulder blades. She covered him with the sheet, picked up her case, and left the room.

"Is the massage over, Miss April?" Charles asked.

"Yes, Sir, Mr. Alexander is completely relaxed and feels like a million bucks. He told me to tell you he is going to the office as soon as he gets dressed. I will let myself out the door. It was a pleasure meeting you," April said.

When she exited the house, a huge grin showed on her face. "I will see you again soon."

April left her case, sitting on the floor by the door. Maybe I can catch her. Charles quickly opened the door, but there wasn't a trace of April Sanders.

Charles went about his regular duties until he heard a scream coming from the cleaning maid. He located the crying woman outside the gym.

"Mr. Charles, he is dead," the maid screamed.

"What are you talking about? Mr. Alexander has gone to the office," Charles replied.

"No, he's dead. There is blood all over the floor," the maid said.

Charles opened the door. Upon entering the gym he observed blood pooled underneath the massage table. "Call the police, now!"

The police arrived quickly. They asked Charles and other staff what they had seen.

"I was the only one who knew the masseuse was in with Mr. Alexander." He gave the detective a thorough description of Miss April Sanders. The detective immediately put out an APB (all-points bulletin).

No evidence turned up of April, but they did find Donald's regular masseuse's body dragged into the bushes with her throat slit.

The hay hook in Donald Alexander's back contained no fingerprints. They had few clues to solve this murder. They would keep looking.

The purchase of the stocks fell through since the buyer died. The company takeover was averted by Charles Alexander's death.

Michael Thompson never knew how close he came to losing his company. The world kept turning with no one to mourn Donald Alexander. He was buried and forgotten by everyone, except the demon and his master.

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