Supernatural Fiction posted October 19, 2021

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A 500 word tale of a creepy business

The Night Cleaners

by AliMom

I opened a late-night dry-cleaning establishment in my neighborhood hoping to compete with the early-bird merchants who closed shop at six. Business wasn't very brisk until Mr. Massey walked into my shop. I never learned his first name. It was always B. Massey.

He was gray and very gaunt with a beaked nose. His fingers were long and skeletal. His black clothes (always black, with a crisp white shirt) hung on his bony frame like they'd been poured on. He wore a black hat pulled low over his eyes which were bloodshot with jagged black streaks through them. They looked hungry and watery. And he was thin, almost thinner than his shadow, like a couple of hours in a buffet might have done him a world of good.

He came in one evening before closing and asked if I was the proprietor - very formal. I answered that I was and he responded with a very thoughtful, hmm as if carefully considering his next words.

"Do you remove stains?" he inquired in a thick, unidentifiable accent.

"I do my best," I responded. "What kind of stains are we talking about here?"

"Just your average run of the mill... stains. I am embarrassed to say I am a clumsy eater and I often spill, um... food on my attire. It creates an unsightly appearance. My clients, as you may imagine, find it discomforting to see me in this state. So, I require the services of a top-notch professional."

"Getting stains out costs a little extra," I ventured, half hoping he would consider another establishment in spite of my lagging business.

"Cost is not an issue. Let us see how you do with these," he said placing a black bag on the counter. "I shall return tomorrow evening".

He was extremely pleased with my work.

"Look how beautifully you did the whites - not a spot or wrinkle to be seen". He paid me handsomely and returned the following week.

A few evenings later, a very hairy man with long nails came in who had been referred by Mr. Massey. He asked if I did repairs, tears and rips, and such. I did.

A hunched-back fellow showed up filthy with dirt from his grave-digging job. I thought they used backhoes for that sort of thing now. Igor was his name. He needed cleaning and tailoring. And a giant of a man with stitches everywhere, green pallor, strong silent type, needed his trousers lengthened. A twitchy fellow named Hyde picked up for himself and his friend, Dr. Jekyll. They too were happy with the results and became regulars. My little shop overflowed with night customers.

I don't need the day traffic anymore. My shop is a booming success and I owe it all to Mr. B. Massey who still flies in regularly with his cleaning. And he brings me things, small things that don't attract too much attention, that I can nibble on through the night while I work if I get hungry.


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I imagine someone has to clean up after monsters. Thanks so much for Meg119 who's brilliant picture complemented the story perfectly.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by meg119 at

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