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Lost in Transit

Letter From Vietnam

by Sally Law

~ War Story ~ Contest Winner 

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

{Dedicated to those who have suffered war casualties, and have had the courage to live again.}


I've learned to be patient in my old age, for real love waits for things to come full circle. Imagine me--patient--my love, marrying you as fast as we could find a Justice of the peace. At seventeen, I couldn't let you go to Vietnam without something else to occupy your thoughts.

Your last letter arrived today, well into the future. It has been maimed, and stained yellow by the years, taped and retaped; postmarked ten days before the Tet Offensive, the battle that would claim you and so many others.

January 20, 1968

Dear Shelby,

I pray this war turns around soon. Hopefully, I will be home to see our child born and hold her. (I know how badly you want a girl!) I don't really care as long as the baby is healthy. I see so many things here that are desperate, especially where the civilians are concerned. A child's life is shed in an instant. The Vietcong are a merciless foe, hellbent on the overtake of the South Vietnamese. President Kennedy was right, the 'Domino Effect' is real. The reports of the few who have escaped their torture shacks are unspeakable.

As you might imagine, the days are long and death is everywhere, even among the living. I had a private kill himself after receiving a 'Dear John' letter.

The climate during the rainy season is a war in itself. Finding a road that's not been washed out is a miracle. You're the best road I've ever walked. I hope to come home and walk into the sunset of our days.

Lovingly Yours,

It's February 14th, 1989, and we have a grown son, Ray. He is a fine man and a Marine, as well. He was cradled in my arms when your body came home from the Perfume River where you and the others fell in the Battle of Hue.

Raymond Jr. and I have gone on together, and now walk the road you spoke of. It is a pleasant road, and we feel your presence in our lives. When love remains in the heart, it is forever tangible.

How fitting the lost letter was delivered today! I will reread it over and over, holding it to my breast on this Valentine's Day.

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~ War Story ~
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Thank you for reading. The Vietnam War was a personal one for me and our family. My stepbrother, Steve, was a Green Beret serving three tours of duty. He survived the war, but died of cancer related Agent Orange exposure. There is not a day that goes by that he is not greatly missed, yet we carry on because he would want us to. Steve is buried in Washington State; his gravesite honored by actor, Chuck Norris.

The Battle of Hue City

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