Horror and Thriller Flash Fiction posted October 9, 2021

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A supernatural human being.

Sam Bullets

by Raul1

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.

Sam is at all alone in the city of Chicago. He doesn't have any friends, just family. He is a shy depressed boy. He comes up insecure of himself thinking he might do the wrong things. He made a wrong impression to his girl friends in high school. They think that he is a jerk. HIs parents tried to convinced him that he didn't do anything wrong and he is too young to understand. He doesn't know right from wrong and wants to know what love is. Right now, he is walking on the sidewalk and watching strangers having fun. He shivers of his skin with chills. He's fed up with them and starts breaking down mentally.

Sam dialed the same number. It was writen down, but after six months he knew it by heart.
"Hello, crisis hotline. We are a voice for those in-"

"Hello, Gracy. It's me."

"Sam! Oh my God. How are... never mind. Look, Sam, you can come into the center. We have people who care. BIll and Tracy are in today. They've... we've have all been worried about you. Please, Sam. Come in, or at least tell me where you are and I'll-"

Sam hung the phone up. A tear fell from his eyes. It was too late for that. Too late for therapy. Too late... for everyone.

He jumps to conclusions by deciding everyone is against him, that he is bad news. He thinks that everyone hates him. They don't know him, but Sam thinks that they do. Bullets come out of his body, killing everyone in sight.

Blood splatters all over their bodies. They all scream and cry for help. None is coming their way. It is his revenge payback against all who double-crossed him. They all die. One old man calls the police while critically injured.

The cops arrive a half hour later and try to arrest Sam, but he won't have it. Bullets again come out of his body, murdering innocent cops. He is a danger to all. "Game Over," Said Sam. He thinks that he settled the score and reminding himself that everything is alright, which it isn't. He did an impardonable thing, but he doesn't even realize it. He is just a kid trying to grow up. His life is cursed. His parents got divorced since he was seven years old and might be the reason he did all this crime. Instead, he cries and tries to sympathize for all the innocents that died, because of him overreacting to a problem he could have solved and make amends to his friends to get another chance at a happy social life. He thought that he did the right thing, but made it worse.

"Why did I, uhm... Ugh! Why, why did I do this? Please Gods why have you given me this power? Hmmph!" Sam cried.

In angiush he starts pounding down on the street. His hands get all bloody. He screams and calls out against the aliens up above.

OCT Wk 2 - Horror 500 words or less contest entry

Sam is a shy boy who never talked with anyone. He got his powers from aliens who encountered him at late night. He was betrayed by his former classmates, strangers, and friends who never were nice to him. His life is a mystery and a curse.

500 words counted.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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