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A chapter in the book The Walkers

A Danger Never Seen Before

by papa55mike

Gabriel Hope leads a formidable team of Angels and Walkers through the Spirit Realm on a dangerous mission to India.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind for Prisha, all leading up to this one moment. The Dealer explained how beautiful and desirable she was, leading to the destiny that awaits her.

Prisha stands with the other eleven girls upon the slave block, a platform to display the merchandise at the auction. The Dealer is waiting for a particular buyer to arrive. He has dressed the girls in nothing but a sheer white robe.

Suddenly, a door opens from a building at the far end of the empty complex. Out walk three men dressed in impeccable suits. They are stunningly handsome with rugged features, dark hair, and eyes that burn inside the girl's hearts. Prisha has never seen men so magnificent in her life.

The Dealer falls to his knees and begins to worship them, crying, "Oh, great one, may you find me worthy!"

The one in the center steps forward and says in a sinister tone, "Rise. Is this the merchandise I requested?"

"Oh yes. I've combed the countryside searching for the best delicacies for your desires." Their robes fall when Dealer motions to the girls.

"Yes." The master begins to examine the girls closely. "These will do. Are they all virgins?"

"Yes. I examined each one myself."

"You have done well. The payment is the same. I will send my car within the hour. Have them ready."

"As you wish. The merchandise will be ready."


The band of Heavenly warriors has traveled many miles through oppressing territory. The black clouds seem to hang just above their heads, and the highway billboards are full of evil images of Satan crushing the Lord's Armies. Cris speaks up, "I guess Satan hasn't read the end of the Bible."

Michael answers, "Lucifer is wiser than all Bible scholars on the Earth. That picture is one of his many fantasies."

"Is evil always this handsome?" Cal asks.

"I remember the day the Lord created him," Michael smiles. "Lucifer was stunning to look at and very brilliant. I never trusted him, though. There was pride and jealousy in his eyes when he looked at me."

Cris asks, "It was you that defeated him, wasn't it, Michael?"

"Yes. All of Heaven mourned when the Father cast them out. But Lucifer and his followers made their decision, leaving the Lord no other choice."

Gabriel has drifted ahead about a quarter of a mile. He doesn't like the smell in front of them, and now the air reaks of death. Gabe stops, slowly pulls Goliath's sword from its sheath on his broad back, and braces himself for a fight.

Michael stops when he sees the immense creature soaring through the dark clouds and pulls his sword. Cal grabs her bow while Cris pulls his Colt 45.

The Garrote glides past Gabe, taking no notice, and lands in front of Michael, Cal, and Cris. It's at least fifteen feet tall, and his black, rotund body fills the road. His bulbous head lowers, and beady red eyes peer out from a scowling brow to study his prey. All three of them are frozen while his putrid breath fills the air. The creature growls, "Why is the master worried? It can't be because of you puny warriors. I will crush you with my fist, then grind your bones with my teeth!" He raises his enormous fist to strike.

Cal springs into action, rapidly shooting six arrows into the center of his chest.

Cris seeks out another weakness then fires eight shots, four exploding hollow points in each eye.

The blind creature grabs its face then stumbles backward.

That gives Gabe a moment to get there from behind. He swings Goliath's mighty blade at the demon's right knee with all of his might. Gabe feels the edge hit the bone then yanks the sword out. He smiles and says, "That had to hurt!"

Yellow blood spews from the deep wound. The demon screams, "Aaargh!" The Garrote blindly stumbles and falls on his back with a thud.

Michael leaps on its chest then rams his gleaming, five-foot sword through his sternum, but the blow doesn't kill it.

Gabriel runs to its head, and with one blow, decapitates the helpless creature. The body begins to spasm then explodes in a red mist.

The stunned group gathers together, and Michael asks, "Is that why you walked ahead of us, Gabriel?"

"Yes, I smelled death in the air. You never told me they could fly?"

"We hadn't seen one before, Gabriel, but heard rumors of flying demons."

Cal asks, "How do they create one of those things?"

"Much the same way they create Cambions," Michael begins to answer, "Satan or one of his generals will mate with a young virgin girl in the Earthly Realm, causing this giant demon to form in the Spirit Realm. We think it isn't born this size but quickly grows after birth."

Cris asks, "That's why you want us to go to India. To take out the slave market where Satan gets his young girls."

"Yes," Michael answers, "And stop 50,000 children a year from being sold into slavery there. Satan's breeding facility is also within striking distance."

"I had no idea that is trafficking that prevalent in India," Cal shakes her head. "It's the fastest-growing crime in America today. It's happening right in front of us, but people are too blind to see it."

Cris walks over to Gabe and asks, "Gabe, what is all of this stuff you're carrying?"

"Oh, just your Spirit Realm essentials. The sword in my hand I took from a recreated Goliath the last time I was here." Gabe slides it into its sheath. "Michael thinks it's the blade King David used to chop off his head." He pulls out the jagged sword. "This one Asmodeous rammed through me a year ago. I'm glad Michael was there with his Tallit. I have my two Rugers on my duty belt, Betsy, my sawed-off shotgun, and an Army issue AR-15. Have you ever shot one, Cris?"

"Oh, yeah, in SWAT training. What a blast to shoot."

"Well," Gabes takes the rifle off of his shoulder, then says, "You carry it for a while."

"Gladly," Cris answers, then takes the gun, "I'll have to reset the sight."

"Not a problem. Consider it yours. By the way, that was great teamwork. Let's get going and see what's ahead of us."


The Cast of Characters.

The twelve-year-old girl who was sold by her father to the Dealer in the prologue.

The Angelic Warriors

Gabriel Hope
At six feet, six inches tall, 295 pounds, Gabe is a 20 year veteran of the Army Rangers, and he's been walking for the Lord for 23 years.

The Arch Angel of Heaven, Prince of God, Commander of the Lord's Armies. His massive size varies depending on the situation. Michael has been friends with Gabe for many years after recruiting him for battles in the Spirit Realm.

Cal Cummings
At six feet, two inches tall, 200 pounds, Cal graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Master's degree in Theology. She also starred in Volleyball and is an Olympic Champion Archer. Five years ago, she was working in the mission fields of Africa when bandits killed her Mother and Father in a brutal attack. Cal barely escaped.

Cris Turner
At six feet tall, 200 pounds, Cris has a Master's degree in Criminal Science and Theology from North Carolina University. He is also an excellent shot with his Colt 45 model #1911. Cris started walking for the Lord three years ago when his wife and son were killed in a plane crash. Cris missed the flight.

The Enemy

Lucifer, Satan, or the Evil One
He is the Supreme Commander of all the demon armies and ruler of the Spirit Realm.

2nd in command under Lucifer, all of the other generals report to him. He uses pride to tempt others.

Commander of the North American army of demons, and he tempts others with burning desire.

Commander of the Western Asian army of demons, and he tempts others with heresy.

The slow marching skeletal soldiers in Satan's armies - Legions vary in size from five to seven feet tall. They are known for their ability to leap upon their prey and are mighty in battle.

They are much smaller than the Legions but quick soldiers that hunt in packs. They cling to the dried-up riverbeds, oceans, lakes, and streams. Familiars carry short swords and sling-shots.

Cambions are one to two-foot-tall demons with oversized reproductive organs. Cambions are created in the Spirit Realm when a demon mates with a male or female human while dreaming.

A super demon that's created when Satan or one of his generals mates with a young virgin girl in the Earthly Realm.

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