General Fiction posted October 1, 2021

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A man is woken up by a weird voice

The ghostly voice

by oliver818

A ripple of cold ran through me, and I lay in the dark, listening to the creak of the rafters in the wind.

"Go to the window," an icy voice whispered.

"Who's there?"

No reply. I walked to the window and opened it. A thick layer of snow hung over the garden, and the occasional snowflake glided down in the frosty air. Only the occasional crack of tree branches broke the thick silence. A hair's breadth of moon danced in a cloudy haze.

"Follow," the ghostly voice called.

Long, thin footprints sunk into the snow with a crunch. I stood staring out into the darkness, holding my breath.

"Follow me, or suffer."

I leapt out the window. Ahead of me, I could hear the crunch of new footsteps. Snow caught in my beard and tumbled down the back of my neck. I followed the footsteps into the forest, and down a steep track to the bottom of a gully.

"Stop," the voice commanded. "Dig."

Around me snow fell harder and the slight moon faded away completely.

"Why?" I asked. "There's nothing here."

"If you wish to live, then drop to your knees and dig," the voice boomed. I fell into the soft snow and dove my fingers under the icy surface, bringing up handfuls of snow.

The moon returned. I thrust again and my numb flesh cracked against something hard. I looked down. Huge blue eyes filled with icicles gleamed in the moonlight and a wide, screaming mouth.

"Return my body to my family," the ghostly voice whispered. "Have them bury me and set me free."

Grabbing a broken branch, I dug out the body and dragged it slowly back towards the house. As I reached the top of the gully, my head grew fuzzy and I fell onto my back.

"Fool," the voice called. "It is you I came for. Look once more upon the body you dragged up here and despair."

I swung my head towards the body. Snow had covered the face again. I rubbed it and gasped. Instead of a body I now saw nothing but the frosted bark of a log.

"Surrender," the voice cackled. "Close your eyes and be free."

My eyes began to lower, and a warmth spread through me. But then my eyes burst open. I would not give in. In the moonlight I could see the roof of my house.

"What are you doing?" screeched the voice. "Obey me."

Staggering up, I pushed onwards. I stumbled to my window, and collapsed on the floor.

"Nooo," the voice screamed. "I will be punished for my failure."

I closed the window. The wind howled, as did the voice, its pained screams mixing with the moaning gale until I couldn't tell them apart.

I crawled into bed. The storm raged outside as I lay, heart thumping, until dawn.

OCT Wk 2 - Horror 500 words or less contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by MoonWillow at

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