General Poetry posted September 29, 2021

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A poem Oh, you are...are you?

You Are Perfect

by AliMom

You are not going to repeat yesterday's mistakes
You are going to leap out of bed with a dancer's dexterity
You are going to make Helen of Troy green with envy
You are going downstairs for a healthy, low-cal breakfast

You are going to make use of every second today
You are the brilliant light who guides others through their difficulties
You are going to arrive at work with time to spare and finding no one present
You are going to complete ALL the tasks that have been sitting in your in-basket

You are not going to uselessly argue with people
You are going to smile warmly at the nonsense they say
You are not going to smack them over the head even if they have it coming
You are not going to insult them or wish they were dead

You are the one they can't aggravate
You are patience and kindness personified
You are gracious when they trample on your feelings or toes
You are capable and practiced having played these games before

You are going to return to your home where love abounds
You are going to find everyone contented with life
You are the one with children who do their homework and obey
You are the one who prepares everyone for the following day's battle

You are the spirit of serenity
You are the glimmering paragon of womanhood
You are all pulled together while having it all
You are a sensual, sexual, coy temptress ready to dance in the moonlight

You are going to be all of these things
Oh, who are you kidding; You're going back to bed to try again tomorrow

Oh, you are... are you? writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a humorous free verse or free style poem about YOU, as though you are talking to yourself! Recommended (but not required) that you start every stanza (except your last stanza) with "You are..." . You may start your last stanza with whatever you choose. Your poem can be of any length and genre.

I have often challenged myself at the beginning of the day to be better than I was the day before. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I do not. Then there are those days when I go back to bed to rest up for tomorrow.
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