General Fiction posted September 24, 2021

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Life happens, even to the young

Willie Goes Fishing

by T B Botts

Fortunately school got out early. Unfortunately Willie's bike had a flat tire and he had to walk the twelve blocks home. Fortunately his mom had left brownies and milk for him. Unfortunately Willie had a cavity that radiated pain through his tooth with every bite. Fortunately he had a high tolerance for pain and decided to go fishing to take his mind off of the tooth. Unfortunately Willie's rod was broken. Fortunately there was another rod in the garage he could use. Unfortunately he had no bait. Fortunately he was able to dig some worms from the garden. Unfortunately he had no can to put them in. Fortunately he put them in his pocket. Unfortunately when he got to the nearby creek someone was in his favorite spot. Fortunately Willie found another pool that looked promising. Unfortunately after he baited the hook and cast out, he put the rod on the ground and got distracted. Fortunately a big carp bit his bait. Unfortunately it pulled the rod into the water where it sank out of sight. Fortunately the other fisherman snagged Willie's rod and gave it back to him.

Fortunately contest entry

I actually had a carp take a rod that I had left unattended on the bank. In an unexpected bit of good fortune, I managed to snag the rod and got it and the fish back. In my life, that was an unusual event.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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