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Felicitas` love story

by palmart

You can hear her screaming in the nights. She wears an old-fashioned wedding dress. Or her death gown, from her misfortunes in life. Felicitas Guerrero was a young widow. Millionaire and beautiful. But something never allows her to rest in peace. Every day, she walks, through her church, crying in horror. A church full of ghosts, where nobody wants to get married.
This ghost had a tragic origin: a tetric legend. At age 15, she married a man twice her age. She had two children: both died at birth. At 26, she became a widow, having bad luck and incalculable wealth. Her pretenders were hundreds. She tried to rebuild her life. Close to her second marriage, a man visited her, pretending to give her a private wedding present. While closing the door, he said to her "you will be mine or nobody`s". After shooting her, he suicided.
The coincidences continued: both funerals arrived at the cemetery at the same time for both burials…
Felicitas' parents built a temple in that place. It is a unique German neo-Gothic church. The legend still “lives” with Felicitas` ghost prowling there, shouting and ringing the bells. And even more: every January 30th, unfortunate lovers leave handkerchiefs tied to the black bars of the temple. It is believed that, If the next day they appear wet, the tears of Felicitas indicate that love will finally arrive. And it will be forever ...
the match amid sorceries and realities
is defined by penalties

SEP Horror 250 Words of Less contest entry

Sometimes, reality fights with witchcraft, hand in hand. And very seldomly, reality loses. Here is one of these cases. Felicitas Guerrero`s story is even more complex but I tried to condense it into 250 words.

Hope you have experienced same terror in reading as I have while writing it�?�¢?�?�¦.
Please leave your comment to evaluate how I start in my terror writing career�?�¢?�?�¦
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