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A chance meeting with the pastor

Kitbok, What's In a Name

by Kit Nongkhlaw

My mother gave birth to a healthy boy. After the celebration and joy, they wanted to give this baby a name. There were several suggestions from well-meaning friends and relatives.

Amid all these, my father asked his wife. With respect and honor, she told him to let her mother-in-law name their newborn son. Therefore, one week after the birth, my father left for his village about two hours' walk to inform his mother.

While thinking about the best name he could give his son with the consultation with his mother, he found he had reached the river. He was about to cross the bridge when he saw someone was coming from the opposite side.

Then he realized that the person coming from the other side was his pastor. He was delighted to meet the pastor after a long time. After the usual greetings and salutation, they discussed things they wanted to know and talk about.

Then my father told the pastor that one week back, his wife gave birth to a healthy son.

The pastor asked, "Have you given your son a name?"

"Not yet," my father answered.

With his firm pastor's voice, he said, "Name him Kitbok."

The pastor explained the meaning and significance of giving this name.

First, Kit means to carry on the back, like carrying your sick wife in the chair along this same winding path. Your son would carry his parents in times of trouble or sickness. He could also carry forward all the outstanding traits of his parents.

Second, Kit means to support, to prop, to hold on. Your son could support you, your wife, and his siblings. He could act as a prop that you can lean on.

Third, Kit means to bear. Let him be the torchbearer of the family and also for the Lord. Let him bear the good things and also any unpleasant things of life.

Finally, Kit also means to endure or endurance. Life is tough, but endurance is the quality your son would be endowed with.

Then he explained the word bok means- lucky/fortunate. Your son will be blessed with luck and fortune. Not only in material things, but in wisdom, knowledge. Bok also means fighting. In the battles of this life, like a boxer, he would not surrender without a fight.

Now you combine both these two words, you get a pleasant sound to the ear, simple to understand, powerful and deep meaning.

"I am a pastor and I am happy to give this name to your son. Therefore, name him Kitbok."

When they parted, my father walked the rest of the path to his mother's house with astonishment. When he reached his mother's house, he told her everything.

When asked his mother about the name of her newborn grandson? She told him, "Kitbok shall be his name. Let his life and future be as told by the pastor."

This chance meeting with the pastor changed my parents and my world.


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This is a true story about my name. I think what the pastor told my father there on the riverbank came true. Due to the restriction on the number of words to 500, I have condensed this story to only 493 words. There is much to write and tell.
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