Horror and Thriller Flash Fiction posted September 1, 2021

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A mansion haunted by ghosts.

Haunted Mansion

by Raul1

The Gorman family visits a haunted mansion. It is Bessie and Prat Gorman as proud parents of Christie, Allen, and Phil. Once they are all inside, the doors lock themselves, so they can't come out.

There are pictures of strange people hanging on the walls. A man featured in the painting with a gun aims at Phil and kills him. The Gorman family screams and cries in horror. they are doomed.

An elderly female ghost appears, frightens Christie, and grabs her by the arms. Mom and dad try to help her, but the old lady ghost drops her 20 feet down, and Christie dies.

The ghost disappears, and the family cries in disbelief. they don't know what else to do. In another painting are Indians throwing arrows straight at what's left of the Gorman family. They all die.

A week later, the Gorman family is on the painting wall. They are all smiling in the family pciture. They look like the loving family that they once were living in the haunted mansion.

Nobody knows what happened to the Gorman family, but they can tell you that they all have lived a happy life. No one thinks this family got killed in any way possible. Everyone says that they all have died of natural causes.

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