Writing Non-Fiction posted August 6, 2021

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Our ride down Mt Washington

Calm Cool And Collective

by Carmen Ducharme

It was a beautiful August morning and our first day of vacation in New Hampshire.I have been coming here since a child a family tradition that I continued to do with my children .Now that our kids are all grown we decided to keep the tradition going but travel on two wheels (a motorcycle) instead of four .As I was hypnotized by the beauty of the mountains , green grass ,
fresh crisp air I was startled by a force grabbing me from behind like a backwards hug .So what's on the agenda today? My husband asks as I jump five feet off the ground .Well I was thinking since you love the mountains and the beautiful views what better place to see it Mt Washington .My heart starts beating as to explode from my chest you know were on the bike I respond even better he says .Even with all my hesitation and fear I take one for the team and give in . As we are ascending up the mountain I'm reading all the warning signs I am petrified I decide to close my eyes and take some peeks here and there .As we are getting closer to the top I can feel the weather change I open my eyes and yah! We are on level ground .We get off the motorcycle and grab a hot cocoa and go explore .Wow look at how beautiful we both admire the beauty .Alright babe ready for part two I give him the stink eye and we both laugh he reassures me it will be better on the way down .We proceed down the mountain when I start to smell fire I asked him if he could smell it as we are discussing this he says Oh Shit! We have no brakes that's the smell I start to panic there is no where to pull off we are going down winding mountain roads with cliffs .My husband is trying to console me and talk me into calmness as we are descending down a mountain with no brakes .He continues to console me and tells me he will get us down just stop moving, calm down and I will coast us down .I do trust him I know he is a good driver .As I am finally just starting to get myself together I see other cars now behind us now I am more nervous than before it took us 20 min to get down the mountain it was twenty minutes of pure hell! When we finally got down the mountain we pulled off to a place were we could park the bike get off and kiss the ground .And of course to Thank God for letting us live another day !!

Danger writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a true, short story about a dangerous situation you put yourself in. There is no
word count, just make it interesting.

Fear factor for this was over 10 I am glad I can say I have driven up Mt. Washington because I will never do it again ! Thank you for reading .I.I would like to apologize for all my misspelling and mistakes I was trying to meet the deadline and was not able to proof read and fix mistakes .Thank you !
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