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by Willie P. Smith

In 1962, I became a San Diego Police Officer. In 1970, I was transferred from uniform patrol to the Vice Squad. The Vice Unit was responsible for enforcing laws pertaining to Liquor, gambling and prostitution.

One night as my Partner, Howard Goldy, and I were checking hotels known for prostitution activity, we were on the third floor of one of the cheaper ones. We heard a male and female voice echoing up the stairwell. The voices were coming from the first floor. We couldn't understand what was being said, but we got a glimpse of the female. She was known for selling sex. We knew a sale was going on, but had to get close enough to hear the deal being made. My partner took me by the ankles and lowered me down the stairwell, close enough to hear what was being said. The female explained the sex acts she was willing to perform. It would cost him $25.00. I was even able to witness the money being paid.

If Howard had dropped me, I would have fallen three stories on my head. I wouldn't be here to write this story. I was young and thought I was indestructible. I weighed about 175 pounds.
Howard was all muscle at 6'5 and about 240. After the deal was made, My partner pulled me up to safety. We contacted and arrested her. At that time, John's were not being arrested, but should have been. A very stupid and dangerous act I would not perform today. Too old and much smarter.

Danger writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a true, short story about a dangerous situation you put yourself in. There is no
word count, just make it interesting.

I pulled many stunts like this I'm sorry to say. There were no pictures to match this writing and no stupidity category.
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