General Fiction posted August 4, 2021

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An elderly couple in their typical daily lives

Happily Married

by Terry Overton

George. George. Can you come in here, George? I need your help.

Well, what is it, Myrtle?

Can you reach the canned peaches for me?

You can't reach those? You have before. You used to be taller.

You used to have hair! Not that one, the bigger jar.

What? What's in the car?

No, George, the bigger jar.

For cryin out loud, why do we need that big jar of peaches for the two of us?

It's not gonna be the two of us tonight, remember? The grand kids are comin' over.

Why do we want those little Petri dishes running all over the place like a bunch of wild animals dirtying the place up? They make everything sticky and stinky. Smell like wild pigs.

When did you get so grumpy?

What year were we married?

George! You don't know? We are going to celebrate soon. It will be-wait you tell me. I'm not gonna tell you how long.


Waiting, George. How long?

Let's see now, I started working at the air conditioning factory in 1968. Were we married that year or after?

Honestly, George. Think! Think!

I am thinking. Just not thinking about the year we were married. Would like to forget it.

You are a fine specimen of a husband.

You're no peach yourself.

Well how in the world have we stood each other for fifty-two years. Oh hogwash! I told you.

What did you tell me?

How long we've been married.

Huh? You feel hairy? I didn't hear what you said. What?

Never mind. I'm not gonna tell you. Now, can you get that large pot off the top shelf of the pantry? I need the big one for cookin tonight.

I can't reach that one.

Use the ladder, George, the little one in the washroom.

Okay. Now, let's see. The big crock pot? For Pete sakes. I'll have to go to the top step to haul that thing down here. Is that what you want? You want me to go up there and fall and break my neck? Fiddlesticks. Hold on.

That's the one. Now be careful. Watch out! That step is-

Whoa! Oh!

George, George, oh my sweet George. Please honey, say something. Did you hit your head? Oh, my sweet George. George. George. Oh honey.


Honey, should I call 911? Honey, George, are you okay? Say something. Sweetheart. Anything. Honey. Sweetheart. Say something.

Myrtle, my bride, we've been married fifty-two years seven months and three days. The most wonderful time of my life.

Dialogue Only Writing Contest contest entry



A short dialogue displaying the true affection of an elderly couple.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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