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Being naive can be dangerous.

No Goring's This Year

by Lana Marie

My husband and I went on a mini road trip to South Dakota. It was the very first trip that we had gone on by ourselves without any kids. We were so excited to get away from all of our other responsibilities and spend some quality time together. Our jobs have us on opposite schedules, so we have to purpose to chisel out some time to enjoy each other's company.

Someone suggested that we should visit Custer National Park because of its beautiful scenery and the bison that roam around the area. I was all for it because I love being in nature and seeing any type of animal out in its environment.

When we pulled into the parking lot where the visitor center was, I noticed a buffalo across the street. I got out of the car and headed right over towards the direction of the buffalo because I thought it would be so cool to get a picture with this massive beast!

The buffalo was grazing just in front of the campsite where all the campers were set up. I assumed that it was a tame one because of where it was. I stood across from him and kept debating when I should dart across the street.

My husband was still sitting in the car when I was standing on the edge of the sidewalk waiting for an opening in the traffic to safely run across and get the selfie. Part of my hesitation was because I was waiting for him to come out so he wouldn't miss this opportunity with me.

A ranger pulled up in his truck and I was trying to get his attention to ask if it was safe to be near the buffalo. He didn't notice me as he was trying to shoo the buffalo away from where he was.

When my husband saw me getting ready to run across the street, he darted towards me and with a very loud, authoritative voice he yelled, "Don't you dare!"

He caught up to me so quickly and grabbed my arm. You could see his face etched with worry.
I looked at him wondering what the big deal was. I mean how often would I get a chance to get this close to a buffalo that wasn't stuck in a zoo.
The ranger chased away my opportunity to capture a momentous selfie!
We headed over to the visitor center mainly because I needed to use the restroom.

When I came out, the ranger was talking to my husband and I overheard him say,
"We haven't seen any goring this year."
I'm a little bit embarrassed to tell you this, but in my mind, I thought, "Wow, how cool is that, that they haven't seen any goring this year and I got to see one." It sounded like it was a rare kind.
I thought that "goring" was a type of buffalo.

I can't remember what I asked my husband, but he proceeded to stick out his pointer finger on both hands and was acting like a bull. I looked at him strangely and could not figure out what in the world he was doing or trying to get me to figure out.
He was trying to imitate the moves horns would make if someone was being gored and thrown into the air. It took me a moment but I finally figured it out.

The ranger told him that particular bison had been very aggressive and six people had been gored the year before.

I am very fortunate that I did not charge the 2,200 pound bison and get myself into a predicament that could have severely injured me or ended my life.

For some reason my husband thought that he would be a superhero if I had run across the street and he would have attacked the buffalo and saved me.
I'm glad my husband has that much confidence in himself, but I bet there would've been two gorings that day.

Thinking about the reality of what could've happened that morning shook me to the core a few times.
The thought of those horns piercing my body and throwing me like a rag-doll and possibly being trampled on were visions I was trying to shake out of my head.

On our way home I wanted to stop at the shops we drove by to check out the souvenirs.
I couldn't believe all the different souvenirs all over the place. I happened upon a buffalo that looked just like the one I wanted to get a selfie with so I had to buy it.
This is definitely a much safer option for picture taking. As it sits on my shelf it's a great reminder of how I was spared being speared.

Danger writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a true, short story about a dangerous situation you put yourself in. There is no
word count, just make it interesting.

According to the ranger and google, Bison can run at speeds approaching 35 mph which is as fast as a horse.

The brown buffalo is my souvenir that I got in South Dakota and the other Buffalo are from different locations in a town called Buffalo in Minnesota.
Thanks for reading.
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