Humor Poetry posted July 21, 2021

This work has reached the exceptional level
All in a nurses' day.

Who Wouldn't Want My Job

by Patty Palmer

Funny poem about your job Contest Winner 
Being a nurse was my heart's desire
For which I worked hard to achieve.
But it turned out to be much more than
What I was lead to believe.

I'm up at five for the drive
That takes me to my work
And It's true what they say
Full moons make everything go berzerk

I work eight to twelve-hour shifts
Usually without a break.
And when my night off comes around
I can't sleep. I just lie there awake.

I administer medication
To my patients who are in need.
I monitor their bowel movements
And measure how much they've peed.

I take their temperature
And not always in their mouth.
Sometimes it's necessary to take
Their temperature way down south.

I get into my share of messes
Like a fly in a bowl of soup.
I try to keep from puking
As I'm cleaning up the poop.

I've been kicked at and spit upon
While I do my patient's care.
And when the battle's over
They thank me for being there.

I listen to my patients' talk
About how lousy they feel.
Sometimes it's for attention
But most often their pain is real.

I can give them a pill for pain
As soon as the pain starts.
But there's nothing I can give them
That can mend a broken heart.

At times they miss their family
Don't even remember their brother
So we become their support
And we answer to either or other.

Who wouldn't want my job?
It's fulfilling, to say the least
It's not for the faint at heart.
Because it's the nature of the beast.

Being a nurse was my great desire
For which I worked hard to achieve
And I found out over time
It's much more than I could ever believe.

Writing Prompt
Write a humorous poem about your job. It can be any job, but it has to rhyme.

Funny poem about your job
Contest Winner

Being a nurse in a geriatric facility, you never know what to expect. No day is exactly the same as the day before. I've even sung and hopped on one foot when a resident dared me to do it and then he promised he would take his medicine. I did it and he swallowed his pills.
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