General Fiction posted June 22, 2021

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A lapse in memory

I Don't Go Out Anymore

by AliMom

I stopped in the middle of the road and scratched my head. In the back of my mind, I remembered there was something important I was supposed to do. See, at a certain age, thoughts become fleeting and you're left with remnants of memory, flashes from a recent past. But I'll get it...

I showered, had breakfast, took my meds... I was certain it would come to me. I just needed a moment to review the events of the morning.

Then the screaming started.

"Eeeeek" "Officer, that man has no clothes on!".

So, they don't let me go out anymore.

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One of my favorite people, my grandmother, began to exhibit signs of diminished mental capacity when she was in her eighties. It was a point of distress for all of our family members but particularly for my father with whom she lived. Against her wishes, he had moved her into his home because she had the habit of going to a job from which she had long since retired without any clothes. She always remembered her handbag and her hat and sometimes a slip. But she somehow couldn't remember the rest of her work attire. This is for her. And for my dad who had to smile sheepishly at the police and admit, "Yes, she's mine", when she wandered away again and again.
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