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Impossible to convince Mr. Ho to agree to the marriage

A chapter in the book A Pragnant Ghost

Pregnant Ghost Chapter 11

by Goodadvicechan

Book summary:

A pregnant ghost (Chow Siu Feng) and her boyfriend (Ho Siu Ming) committed suicide to protest an arranged marriage. She asked Tom to arrange a marriage for her to marry her deceased
Chapters 1 to 10

Mary bought a picture of a Chinese bride for Tom. One night, the bride ( Chow Siu Feng) came out from the picture, attacked Mary, and forced Tom to arrange for her, a marriage with her deceased boyfriend ( Ho Siu Ming).

Siu Feng and Siu Ming both committed suicide to protest against Siu Feng's parents to arrange a marriage for her.

On the way to see the bride's parents, Tom discovered Siu Feng's dead body was stolen and Siu Ming's father strongly objected to the dead people marriage.

Tom's challenge was how to convince Mr. Ho to agree to the marriage.

Chapter 11

Mrs. Chow was a Buddhist. She believed a person's actions during one's lifetime resulted in karma that determined in what form one's spirit would be reborn-- whether as a human, an animal, or various forms of spirits, including angels, demons, gods, or ghosts.

She chose "Fighting the Devil for Seven Days" as the Chanting the Ghost Ceremony at the Dragon Temple. It was said that after the ceremony, Siu Feng's soul would be purified, her sins would be forgiven, and she would be born in the land of Amitabha and be protected by all the Buddhas.

I, on behalf of Mrs. Chow, invited Mr. and Mrs. Ho to join this ceremony and the Chow family was willing to add Siu Ming's name in the ceremony.

Mr. Ho was very angry, "My son had committed no sin. It was Siu Feng who seduced my innocent son."

"You can't say that... They were in love." I said.

"In love... in love. What's love?"

I had nothing to say.

"Love didn't have to commit suicide. Love didn't have to be together. They still could love each other even though they were separated. Am I right, Tom? You tell me."

"Mr. Ho, you have a point. But it is too late now."

"Nothing is too late," Mr. Ho continued, "Siu Feng wasn't a good girl. She shouldn't date my son if she was engaged. According to my father's house rule, he would put her in a basket and tie her with rocks and dump her in the river."

"You can't do that now."

"But I can hire a matchmaker tomorrow to look for a dead girl for Siu Ming."

"Siu Ming won't agree."

"I am his father. I am entitled to find him a wife. I'm going to have a big wedding feast for the marriage. I may even consider having a bigger Ghost Chanting ceremony for the newlyweds."

"Siu Ming won't agree."

"How do you know?"

"He hung himself. That was enough to say that he was strongly in love with Siu Feng."

"You don't have to convince me. Go to bed now. Come and join me tomorrow to choose a good wife for Siu Ming."


Mary had no idea I had a conversation with Mr. Ho. I didn't want her to worry about anything. I wanted her to relax and take care of her pregnancy.

I couldn't come out with any idea how I could stop Mr. Ho looking for a wife for Siu Ming. Perhaps Mrs. Ho could stop him, but was unlikely because he was the master of the house. Could Siu Feng help? Mr. Ho hated her. What about Siu Ming? I didn't trust him. He might have had no choice but to listen to his father. If so, what would Siu Feng do to Mary?

All these thoughts drove me crazy. I needed the rice wine to keep me sane. After I finished two bottles, I heard someone knocked on my door. The door then opened by itself. I saw a row of brides in red wedding gowns with a piece of scarf over their heads. There were three of them. They walked towards me, saying together, "Siu Ming, marry me."

Although I couldn't see their face, I thought they might be pretty. Yet, they were ghosts. I didn't want to see the face of any one of them. I stepped backwards and they stepped forward towards me, until I reached my bed and fell onto it. They jumped on top of me; one after another. They all removed their scarf to show me their skeleton heads. I screamed.

Someone put his hand over my mouth. The brides were gone. I opened my eyes and saw Siu Ming.

I said, "I can't breathe."

He let go of his hand but lifted me up and then threw me back on the bed. "What did you tell my father?" He said it with anger.

"Why are you always violent to me?"

"You deserve it. You asked my father to get a wife for me."

"I didn't."

"You told him I was in love with Siu Feng. He hated that sentence."


"Because I argued with him many times saying I was in love with Siu Feng."

"No wonder he got angry with the word love."

"He told me sickness didn't kill me but love did. Love was like a spark. It only lasted a second but it could set fire onto my body and make me insane. Was my father right or wrong?"

"There isn't any wrong or right in being in love. It is a feeling."

"I'm deeply in love with Siu Feng. I'll be nice to you for a change if you can find a solution to stop my father finding a wife for me. Do you have a solution?"


"I have one for you. You marry one of those whom you saw earlier."

"Are you kidding?

"No kidding... I am sure your girlfriend, Mary might not mind. She couldn't be jealous of a skeleton ghost. Could she?

"Please... be serious."

"Tomorrow I borrow your body and you leave it to me."


I could feel Siu Ming was inside me. I never liked black egg but this morning, I chose the black egg over the salted egg for breakfast. When I took the second one, Mary looked at me with her eyes wide open.

After breakfast, Mr. and Mrs. Ho asked us to join them to choose a wife for Siu Ming, Mary was surprised. I signaled her to keep quiet.

A lady at the age of about fifty, wearing a two piece black traditional Chinese outfit, with her hair combed to the back with a bun, came in with a big smile. She carried a three-layered red basket. She liked to be called Grandma matchmaker.

She immediately said, "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Ho for arranging a marriage for your son. I bring the details of three qualified girls for you to choose."

Mr. Ho introduced us to her as a friend visiting from Shanghai.

She took out the first layer from her basket and put it on the table. Inside the layer was a piece of red paper with the word "double happiness" written on it. She removed the paper, took out the portrait of a young girl and a piece of folded paper covered by hard covers on both sides. This letter could be opened as a fan. On it was written the lady's dowry.

Grandma matchmaker said, "This lady's name is Ma Tin Kiu. Her father owns a vineyard in our adjacent village. She has a gorgeous dowry including a piece of the vineyard with the condition that all the harvest be sold back to her father."

Mary said, "That was generous. She is pretty too."

I asked, "How did she die?" I had no interest but It was Siu Ming inside me said that.

Grandma matchmaker answered, "She died of an accident."

I said, "I knew the story. I used to go there for wine tasting. Tin Kiu was called 'the screaming lady.' She was famous for screaming and yelling at her servants. She died of screaming."

Mary asked, "Tom, there is no way you knew it."

I replied, "I am a journalist. She was screaming at her dog while she was eating chestnuts. She swallowed the nut in the wrong way and died of suffocation."

"Oh, that was horrible..." Mary commented.

I objected, "I don't want someone screaming and yelling at night in my bedroom."

Mr. Ho said, "I don't care about the dowry. This one is out."

Grandma matchmaker took out the second layer and put the details on the table.

"She was a very nice girl and well educated girl, she knew ten English words. Her father is the head of our neighboring village. This is his second term."

"What are the ten English words?"

"Good morning, good afternoon, good night ..."

"Only six words," I said.

"Also... Hello, how are you?"

Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, I jumped into making a loud objection, "This one is definitely no good."

"Why?" Grandma matchmaker asked.

"She is too fat."

"Fat girls are good and lucky. They bring good luck to their husbands."

"Look. Her left cheek is much fatter than the right cheek," I replied.

"What?" Grandma could hit me any minute.

"Tom, what did the black egg do to you?" said Mary.

It wasn't me saying; it was Siu Ming.

"Mr. Tsang, I appreciate your help. Let's look at the last one."

"I'm sorry but I know Siu Ming won't approve it."

Grandma put the third layered box on the table. Before she had the chance to lay out the details, Mr. Ho said, "I trust Grandma matchmaker. She was my matchmaker. I don't need to know the details, Grandma Matchmaker, let's settle on the third one and you go to them to arrange a date and work out the details with Mrs. Chow."

Mr. Ho left the room. Grandma matchmaker thanked Mrs. Ho and left.

This was a shock to me and I fainted...


I had no idea how long I had been unconscious. It was extremely tiring to fight with Siu Ming inside my body. I couldn't control what he said and I had no speaking power.

Mary was happier to share a piece of good news with me than seeing me recovered from my unconsciousness.

Grandma told Mrs. Ho, not a single family from our town was willing to let their daughters marry Siu Ming except Siu Feng's parents. That was why the first two were from our neighboring villages. The third one was Chow Siu Feng.


Sorry it takes so long to post this chapter. I was stuck in finding a solution how to resolve the conflict between Tom and Mr. Ho.

I hope you like the solution.

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