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Sigfried Leaves Inn to find Sex and Drugs

A chapter in the book The Stoneseekers

Sigfried -Part A (Ch 26)

by duaneculbertson

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Fantasy novel exploring the struggle between Good and Evil with the intent of defining the nature of Justice.
Sigfried did not like waiting. He never waited for anyone. Patience was for other people. Not for him. One of the joys of being the Earl’s third son was the complete lack of responsibility. He could do whatever he liked whenever he wanted.

Today he had two cravings to satisfy. The first carnal. The second difficult to articulate. It was the latter that gave rise to the itchy feeling threatening to take control of his reason. He could abide it no longer. Fortunately, it would not be difficult to find what he needed in this city, legendary for its depravity.

            After pacing past the window for the tenth time, Sigfried stuck his head out into the late afternoon sun and decided upon a course of action. He moved for the door.

            “Where do you think you’re going?” Demelza challenged.

            “Out,” Sigfried replied laconically.

            “But your wounds? You need rest!”

            “The elf has worked wonders,” he said dismissively. “I feel fine.” He walked over to a mirror and removed the bandages from his head. About a half dozen welts populated the crown of his head. His face was hardly recognizable, looking more like a garden of heliotrope – puffy, purple blossoms.

Fortunately, he had lost none of his teeth.

            “It may be harder to make beautiful music with the ladies tonight,” Sigfried said, laughing despite himself. “Fortunately, a man laden with silver is never unlucky in love.”

            “Please don’t do anything foolish. At least let me go with you. I can protect you. Looking like you do right now, people will try to take advantage of your weakened, vulnerable state.”

            “Good argument, but no. Not today. I want you to stay here and learn as much as you can about these two. Then report back to me. I need to know if they can be trusted. Find out if they really can deliver the aureus promised.”

“It was sesterces, and … look, I insist on coming along.” Demelza protested.

“Listen. I’m going out and I probably won’t be back soon. I value your company; I even pay for it, but this time I must go alone.”

Having no further reasons to counter his proposed course of action, Demelza returned to sharpening her dagger. It was the grating noise of the sharpening stone that had precipitated Sigfried’s desire to leave in the first place. He knew not why she did this. The small knife she kept in her boot could not possibly be dull – she never used it and constantly sharpened it. He guessed it must be some type of obsessive habit, or perhaps it calmed her. He did not care; it had the opposite effect on him, and he refused to suffer it any longer.

The sun dropped low in the sky as he left the Lucky Shoe. Like a homing pigeon, he instinctively found his way to the largest, most famous brothel in the land – the Emerald Rose. Although no longer collecting an income from his father, he still had a small fortune from fencing Ratberg’s stolen goods. Sigfried could not help but laugh as he recalled the rage on the fat man’s empurpled face as he viewed his empty warehouse. The thief had been robbed; his stolen goods stolen. Sigfried loved the poetic justice.

An excited pace brought Sigfried before the Emerald Rose in less than half an hour. Inside the salon, a lovely young girl named Ashley greeted him from behind a podium.

“Afternoon, gud sir! Welcome to the Emerald Rose. My name’s Ashley. Allow me to help ya’ make your stay ‘ere as blissful as poss’bul.”

She was beautiful, but her accent marked her as one born from the lowest stratum of society. Sigfried was curious how she had managed to secure such a prestigious position within the finest brothel in the Realm. Not that it mattered; he was eager to conduct business and had an important question to ask this woman as well. He had expected to use High Etrurian, but he was just as happy to speak in Vulgarate. He much preferred the common tongue anyway.

“Ashley,” Sigfried said, interrupting her carefully memorized sales pitch. “These pencil drawings are great, and I would enjoy looking at them later, but for the moment I’m really just interested in one woman in particular. And I don’t see her.”

“What’s her name?”

“Emmanuel Schlagen,” he said. Holding his breath, he leaned forward, placing his sweaty palms upon her podium.

“No one ‘ere by that name, sorry. Ya know, I’ve only been working a couple of weeks though. If you come back this evenin’, Lady Covington herself will be ‘ere. She’ll pro’lly be able to provide you with gossip about your friend, if there’s any to share.”

“Thank you,” Sigfried replied dejectedly.  “I guess we’d better continue looking for a mistress for my entertainment. I don’t suppose you’re available.”

Ashley blushed, “No gud, sir. Flatter’d as I am, those days are behind me now.”

“Ah! My loss then. Do you have any other profiles to look through?”

“Yes, of course. We have two dozen girls workin’ at the moment. Besides the six I already showed you, we have another dozen available right now.” She opened another file and withdrew a dossier on the remaining possibilities. “There’s Carly from the forests of southern Francoria. Veronique, a statuesque goddess from Kingsport, an offspring of Norsican descent.”

“Ah, I bet she’s used to warming herself in cold winters with horizontal coupling,” Sigfried remarked. Although he was trying to be funny, the girl simply continued describing his options as if he had not said anything.

“Jasmine the Parthian Princess is a' excellent choice. “Of noble birth, she is univers’ty educated, speaks four lang’ges, and got the flex’bility of a sultan’s dancer.”

“Pass,” Sigfried said dismissively.

“This is Taijin, an al’baster dove from Shingoray. Her voice as soft as silk, tis said she can charm the petals off a rose.”

“Interesting, but no…”

“Next we got Vania the Fair all the way from Rusland. With platinum hair and smooth, pearly white skin, her lithe frame can make a man happy for many hours.”

“No, thank you…”

“Next, we got Brigitte the Barbarian Princess from the Rotekant. Tis said she is of Kantwohner descent, the only barbarian tribe to resist the yoke of imperial rule. You best belief she can be a bedroom bully if that is what you lookin’ for.”

“Baby, if there is any bullying to be done in the bedroom, you ‘best belief’ I’ll be the one dishing it out …”

“Very well, sir. Just offerin’. Takes all kinds. Dif’rint strokes for dif’rint folks as they say. I don’t judge any who enter our salon. I merely try to please all of our cust’mers. And ‘tis my job to make sure they all know what’s on the menu.”

“Please continue, Ashley.”

“For our pentulmate choice, we have Tarja from Romaania. Her swarthy complexion and jet black hair will enchant you for hours…”

“Are we at the penultimate choice already? No, she may be pretty, but she is probably dumb as a post, and it will be a cold day in the Pit before I share a bed with a Romaanian.”

“Very gud, sir.” Ashley said. She retrieved the final portrait from the dossier file. “This one is known as Sheena. And I …”

“Yes! That’s the one! Let’s just go with Sheena then. She looks exciting.”

“An excellent choice, sir. One of our finest courtesans. You will not be disappointed. Skilled, with a charmin’ personality. I’ve been told that in all the years she has worked here man’g’ment has yet to receive a single complaint. A trend I hope continues with you.”

“Thanks, Ashley. Truly a wonderful recommendation, and coming from such a charming girl as yourself… how could I refuse?” He flashed her his most flirtatious smile, and despite the girl’s occupation, her face flushed once again.

After paying the entrance fee, Sigfried was shown upstairs. As he strolled the long corridors, he adopted a swagger, imagining this was what one was want to do when visiting an upscale brothel. The Emerald Rose was by far the classiest establishment he had ever visited, and he figured it was best to act like he owned the place to better blend in, which was not unreasonable; after all, he was born of nobility thanks to his father, the Earl of Geisterstadt. His mother may have been of noble birth as well, but she had died when he was just an infant. And his father had always been oddly reticent regarding the topic whenever he inquired about his mother’s origins.

 Finding the correct room, Sigfried knocked confidently, waited for a reply, then entered. He had chosen a red-head, and she was ready for him, lying seductively across the canopy bed, her lustrous mane tousled about her shoulders and falling down in front to conceal large breasts nearly bursting from her leather corset. The woman had striking, noble features that regarded him with full lips, a thin nose, and seductive, green eyes.

This is worth the price already.

“Hello there, handsome,” purred the woman. “Have a seat.”

As he approached, the woman’s face registered alarm. “Are you okay? Looks like you found trouble recently.”

“Yeah, you could say that. I got jumped by a bunch of guys the other night. They got me pretty good, but I walked away. Most of them did not.” He neglected to mention being unconscious throughout the ass-kicking phase of the alley skirmish. A minor oversight.

“Oh well, that is what I’m here for. To make you forget your problems. Whatever form they may take.”

Sigfried sat on the bed, savoring the view of her sultry body. She was voluptuous. It had been a long time, since he felt overwhelmed by a woman. Sadly, Emmanuelle was now just a sweet memory. They say a first love is never forgotten. Sigfried agreed, for after having had sex with dozens of women he still could not forget the one who had first thrilled him. And as his list of lovers grew, he found none could compare.

Admiring the beauty before him, he wondered if this time would be different. Ashley had told him this meretrix was held in high regard, her list of courtiers far too numerous to mention, some allegedly near the Crown. Sigfried believed the high acclaim could be justified: this woman exuded a feral sexuality from every pore in her body.

“Name’s Sheena,” she said.

“Sigfried,” he replied, swallowing hard.

Sheena displayed a perfect hourglass in her black and scarlet corset. Sigfried decided not to humor her with any further idle conversation. Without hesitation, he pushed the silk robe from her shoulders, and unlaced her corset, liberating her breasts. As he fondled them, his pulse quickened. He became more of a beast with each passing second, kissing her passionately before pushing her down on the bed. Without hesitation he removed her clothes. Then he was out of his.

As the young man grew more aroused, he became less gentle. Sigfried sensed Sheena was excited and possibly a little scared.

“Come on bitch!” he yelled. “Scream my name!”

            Sigfried was behind her where he had an excellent view of her curvy back. With one hand he held her lustrous mane, the other resting on her hip. Her hair was soft and thick in his grip. From time to time, he slapped her ass, bringing forth cries of pleasure mixed with pain.

            “Yes, Sigfried,” she screamed. “More, more...”

            The young man increased his intensity, and Sheena let out a moan that became a wail. He pulled her hair, and her arched back seemed as if it would bend no further; then he pulled harder. Soon the two became slick with passion.

            “Yessss,” Sheena managed to say. It was all she could say as the fury of their actions prevented her from speaking. Sheena’s cries gradually became one long staccato moan, reaching a crescendo. Sigfried grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her in for a climactic finale.

            Sheena screamed. Whether pain or euphoria, Sigfried was not sure. Panting, he lay next to her. Despite her ordeal, she wore a satisfied smile.

            “Well, that was something!” she remarked. “I thought I was going to pass out! I was worried you were going to rip my hair out too … or break my back,” she added ruefully. She rubbed her scalp, seeming alarmed yet pleased.

            “Yeah, you’ll never forget me though,” Sigfried boasted. “You enjoyed it.”

            “You’re right, I did,” she agreed. “By the way, what is that mark on your hip? I noticed it earlier but was too preoccupied to ask.”

            Sheena pointed at a pair of nested ‘v’ shapes.

            “Oh, nothing. Just how I was born. Tell me, what brought you to Malden?”

            “I was born here,” Sheena said. “At an early age, I found I could hold the attention of men. I wanted a life of glamor and fame, so … here I am.”

            The sun sank lower as Sigfried regaled Sheena with stories of childish pranks he used to play on the noble families of Geisterstadt. He fancied he had charmed her, though he knew in her line of work she could just as easily be playing a role, hoping for repeat business and greater helpings of his coin. Seeing her in such a relaxed state, he decided it was time to ask her two questions that for him held great interest.

            “I’m looking for someone,” he began.

            “It is a big city, baby” Sheena purred.

“Her name is Emmanuelle Schlagen?”

            Sheena’s body grew tense. “Never heard of her,” she said, shaking her head.

            “Are you sure?” Sigfried pressed. “Because it looks like your lips say one thing, while your eyes say another.”

            “I don’t work in those circles,” Sheena said dismissively. “I’ve heard of her, yes, but it’s not safe to speak ill of that woman. They say she is a sorceress.”

             “Sorceress?” Sigfried scoffed. “Impossible! I’ve known her for years, ever since I could cast my seed. And trust me, she had a hand in that too.” Sigfried laughed in spite of himself. “She may be a bit depraved, but she’s no sorceress.”

            “They say she is a woman who dwells within a mysterious world of unbridled lust,” Sheena whispered. “A world of pleasure and pain mixed with drugs and black magic. I have no desire to meet her … and I suggest you stay clear of her too, if you know what’s good for you.”

            “She’s my friend!” Sigfried spat. “You can’t expect me to stay away from her, just because you heard some rumors. You can’t believe everything you hear. Those tales were probably spun by jealous women. That’s all.”

            “Perhaps,” Sheena said. “I just felt you deserved a warning.” She played with the hem of her embroidered robe.

            Staring off into space, Sigfried fondly recalled his times spent with Emmanuel, never imagining one day her name would be associated with infamy. The first time the two made love he was just sixteen, she nineteen. She had rocked his world, doing things he never thought could be enjoyable. And her dark, mysterious nature became an alluring, irresistible draw for the impressionable boy. Sometimes she would invite him to join her friends, salacious characters who gathered for unusual activities. He suspected they all belonged to some pleasure cult, though he was not certain. The gatherings he attended were mostly just narcotic-fueled orgies. Not that he complained.

On one occasion, he met their leader, Martin Grachford. Sigfried suspected the older man had seduced Emanuelle, because the two had recently run off together. It happened just weeks ago, yet it seemed like a lifetime. He ached for her. Longed for her body and her touch. Longed to kiss those thick, pouty lips and gaze at her beautiful face, losing himself in those bluish-gray, wolf eyes of hers.

Sigfried had learned that allegedly there was a price on Grachford’s head, but who knew if that were true. Maybe that would explain why the two had departed so quickly and told no one of their plans. Not even Sigfried. A logical explanation, but it hurt him, nonetheless. He had heard the bards claim that being abandoned by someone you love is a pain too great to bear. As a child he had not understood that oft repeated phrase, but now its meaning had become quite clear.

            “You’re thinking about her, aren’t you?” prompted Sheena, rousing the young man from his thoughts. “I don’t think she’s in Malden anymore.”

            “What? Why? Do you know where she’s gone?”

            “No one knows for sure. I think she went north. To Aachen probably.”

            “Aachen!” Sigfried shook his hands in frustration. There was nothing he could do about this development. He would just have to wait longer. A lot longer. His thoughts progressed to his next question, which concerned a topic of even greater importance.

            “Do you know where I can get my hands on Black Dragon?”

            Sheena nearly choked. “Fires of the Pit! That terrible stuff? A dark path to nowhere. That is all you will find. I can’t tell you how many lives I’ve seen ruined chasing the Dragon. Good people too. Women show up here addicted – they don’t last a month. We have to kick them out. The craving makes them lie and steal. We earn good money here too, but it’s never enough for people addicted to Black Dragon. Horrible people. Or rather, horrible drug. The people start out fine – just like you or me –then they become victims. It owns them before they know what is happening. Stay clear of that mess. It’s a one-way ticket to the gallows or the grave. I’ve seen it.”

            “I'm afraid that ship has already sailed. I’ve been flying with the Dragon since Beltane.”

            “That long?” Sheena gasped. “I’d never have imagined that. You look so healthy, and well…,” Sheena gestured toward the bed. “Vigorous.”

            Sigfried laughed. “You sweet nymph! You’re the best!” He gathered his clothes from the floor where they had been hastily shed in his initial moments of passion, now some hours ago. He put on his pants and noticed he had to tug the drawstrings extra tight; it was not enough to simply button them.

            Beltane. How long ago was that? Ten weeks? I really must remember to eat more. The Dragon makes it easy to forget.

            “If I’m ever in Malden again, I’ll drop by for another visit.”

            “If you’re still alive, please do.”

            Sigfried flashed her a smile. After donning his tunic, he went for the door.

            “If you must,” she offered. “You’ll find what you seek on Darby Lane.”

            “Thanks,” Sigfried said. He smiled again and placed a soft kiss upon her lips before leaving the Emerald Rose.


We get to see who Sigfried really is ... the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
Warning - Semi-graphic sex scenes and topics of narcotic use. You have been warned! :)

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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