General Poetry posted April 12, 2021

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To those who KILL: the sin, the crime & the shame is yours!

The Madness of Evil

by Melodie Michelle

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
What causes someone
to harm another person,
there's a real issue
inside them
there actually
has to be ...
I just can't wrap
my mind around
something so diabolical
and evil and hateful
I'm sure the majority
of y'all would agree ...

I can't fathom
the amount
of hate
and the level
of demons
harassing a soul ...
that it would take
to commit
such a heinous
and mad act
and to live
with it, hiding
as to not be caught
for the life
they viciously stole ...

Do they feel remorse
do they even care ...
Do they deep down
have a heart?
I believe not or else
they couldn't beat
a man
until his face
was no
longer there ...

To purposely
plan and carry
out such
a horrible crime ...
They have to
be mentally
don't you think?
Their hearts
have grown
incredibly cold
over a long
period of time ...

Sociopaths and
personalities too ...
Their souls are
in shambles
Hence the reasoning
is gone the
way we already knew ...

They are sick
and twisted
that can
hardly be
as a human
being ...
and psychiatrists
alike have studied
evil ones that are
just the same,
they even
right on in
straight thru
to their soul
Damnit it's
still a mystery
how on earth
they could stomach
giving you such
a horrific beating ...

They are
a devilish lot
preparing to take
the lives of
other innocent
folks ...
Evilness personified -
Thinking they
aren't noticed
and the public
will consider
that their
actions were maybe
just a horrible hoax ...

Karma will
find those
that tortured
and cut into
innocent blood ...
I can only
think about
you my friend
that after
you were attacked
and right before
that deafening thud ...

Your lifeblood
screams from
the grave
from that
first moment
also thru to
this very day ...
"Justice" it calls
out to anyone
that will hear,
ones that are guilty
you must've thought
are the ones you
never expected
to you betray ...

Your good heart
had placed you
in the position
to suffer and
violently die ...
It's just we
wonder how
you held
on for so long,
That we can
hardly bring
to bid you
that final goodbye ...

written by:
Melodie Michelle

My next door neighbor, Ace as he liked to be called, was horrifically murdered last weekend (04-03-2021) in the wee hours of that grisley Saturday morning in his home next door to me. One man confessed to doing the entire thing alone but my gut, our friends gut and evidently the investigators gut as well, says there were more involved in this hateful murder. He was beaten until he was no longer recognizable and his brain matter was everywhere. I didn't see the murder scene, I couldn't bring myself to go in there but my boyfriend found him and told me he was glad I didn't go in there. Ace was murdered in his home and I'm asking all of you all that pray, to pray for those involved to be shown to the investigator and all be brought to justice for Ace. Thank you all so much for your prayers!
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