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The Curse/A Novel of the Breedline series

A chapter in the book THE CURSE

In Search of Jena

by scongrove

Thanks for taking the time to read my chapter. It's new, so if you catch typos or mistakes, please let me know. Stay safe & enjoy!
As Nicolas gathered firewood outside his cabin, an unsettling feeling suddenly came over him. It left him light-headed and somewhat sick to his stomach. The second he became unsteady on his feet, he dropped the plank of wood in his hand, and propped himself against a tree. He lowered his head, trying to regain his bearings, and took a long, shuddering breath. And then it hit him. Something was wrong. He quickly lifted his chin and stared blankly at his surroundings. Rage and confusion suddenly swirled inside his head, clouding his thinking. Oh God… Jena…

Everything inside screamed at him that she was in danger. In a panic, he turned in a rapid circle. When he came to a stop, he gathered himself and instantly reached into the back pocket of his pants and retrieved his phone. As soon as he brought up his caller ID and found Jena’s number, he quickly hit send. The second it started to ring, he said a silent prayer. Please God… I’m begging you... Please let her answer.   

He let it ring, until finally, it went to her voicemail. After the beep, he left a message. “Please Jena. Call me as soon as you get this. Something doesn’t feel right.” He let out a ragged breath. “I just need to know that you’re all right. Anyway… call me, sweetheart. I love you.”

It wasn’t but a few seconds after he ended the call, his phone went off. Thinking it was Jena, a sense of relief quickly took hold. But when he looked at the caller ID and saw that instead, it was Tim Ross calling, his heart sank.

Nicolas swiped to answer. “Tim…” His voice sounded desperate. “Have you seen Jena?”

There was a brief period of silence on the other end. Finally, Tim reluctantly said, “Nicolas, there’s something I need to tell you.”

Oh God. “It’s about Jena, isn’t it?”

He held his breath and waited for Tim’s answer, praying he was wrong, and Jena was okay.

“I’m sorry, Nicolas. She’s been taken.”

“Taken?” Nicolas blurted. “B-but how? Who…?”

“I just got off the phone with Detective Sanchez,” Tim replied. “They have a witness at the Parkside Café at Stinson Beach who stated she was approached by two women. Soon after, they had a physical confrontation. Jena was successful at taking them down, but then two men tranquilized her and abducted her. Both Detective Manuel Sanchez and Frank Perkins have a pretty good idea A&E Pharmaceuticals are involved.” 
“Dammit, I’m two hours away,” Nicolas shot back. “I’m heading there right now. And I swear… if anyone even lays a hand on her—”

“Trust me, buddy,” Tim said as Nicolas’s voice trailed off. “I completely understand. As we speak, Detective Sanchez and his partner are working on this. By the time you arrive, they should be here, and hopefully they’ll have a lead on Jena’s abductors. And I promise, as God as my witness, we’re going to get her back.”

It wasn’t long after Detectives’ Sanchez and Perkins arrived at the Breedline Covenant when Nicolas burst into the room where they were gathered with Tim, Drakon, and Roman.

“What did you find out?” Nicolas demanded, his eyes roaming over the group of men.

Manuel stepped forward and said, “The manager at the Parkside Café who witnessed Jena being taken identified the women that were involved.”


“Karina and Kian Adams,” Manuel continued. “They’re identical twins. Thirty-four years of age. I searched their names through the database and found out they were picked up and brought in on battery charges a few years ago. Going by the details in their file, they roughed up a guy in a bar. Apparently, they beat ‘em pretty bad. The guy nearly died. Got six months in county for it. At the time, they were working as bounty hunters for Bad Boy Bails.”

“How’s that going to help us locate Jena?” Nicolas asked.

“Well, according to what we found on Bad Boy Bails,” Manuel said, “it’s owned by a guy named Sam Michaels. He’s the brother of a Dr. Henry Michaels who happens to be employed at A&E Pharmaceuticals.”

Nicolas frowned. “You think this is somehow all connected to the Summit Behavioral Institute and what they were getting paid to do to their patients?”

Manuel nodded and Frank chimed in for the first time and said, “Unfortunately, we do. Somehow, they found out about Jena.”

Nicolas looked like he’d just swallowed a rock. Drakon and Roman exchanged what-the-hell looks. And Tim remained quiet, but the shocked look on his face said without words what he was thinking. 
“But how is that possible?” Nicolas said, looking at the detectives in disbelief. “Someone in the Covenant had to have leaked it out. There’s no one else that knows about her curse.”

“I hate to admit it,” Frank said. “But I think you’re right. Someone inside the Covenant must be selling out information.”

“Or they’re being threatened,” Manuel spoke out.  
“We’ll deal with that situation in due time,” Tim said. “Right now, our main concern is Jena. What about the two men that were involved? Did you discover their identity?”

“We got a visual off the video footage at the café,” Manuel replied. “We didn’t find them in our database, but we managed to identify them through facial recognition.”

Nicolas’s eyes narrowed. “Who are they?”

“Adrian Garcia and Maximum Pierce,” Manuel said, focusing on Nicolas. “And they’re both Ex military. They were given a dishonorable discharge for manslaughter. They served ten years in a military prison. As soon as they were released, they relocated here. I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I’d put my money on Dr. Michaels. My gut instincts tell me all four that were involved with Jena’s kidnapping were hired by this SOB through his brother’s connections.”

Nicolas looked at Tim and then quickly back at Manuel and said, “So why in the hell are we still standing around? If these guys were hired by this damn physician, shouldn’t we be looking for Jena at A&E?”

“It’s not going to be that easy,” Manuel said. “The FBI are now involved. And not only with the Summit Behavioral Institute, but A&E as well.”

“I don’t give a shit about the feds,” Nicolas shot back. “If you think I’m going to wait around while God knows what those bastards are doing to Jena, you can think again.”

Tim moved next to Nicolas and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I promise, Nicolas. We’re not going to take the backseat on this. But let’s take a minute to think this through.” Then, he averted his eyes from Nicolas and looked between the two detectives. “What are our options. Surely you don’t suggest we wait around for the FBI to make a move, do you? I mean, if we’re dealing with what we came up against at the institute, not even the pros are equipped to handle something of this magnitude.”

“You’re right about that.” Manuel let out a breathy sigh. “There’s no way our guys or the Bureau for that matter can handle this kind of situation. Like it or not, we’ve got no alternative. Somehow we’ll have to come up with one helluva plan.”

“I suggest we start with Bad Boy Bails,” Frank said.

“You know if the owner is involved,” Drakon piped in, “he’s not going to willingly give up information that may implicate himself or his brother.”

“That’s why you always come prepared,” Manuel commented, arching a brow. “Before we left the precinct, we did some checking up on Mr. Sam Michaels and his so-called bail bond company. We got a tip that he has two illegals helping his bondsmen apprehend defendants who skip out on their bail. According to the courts and the state of California, that’s a definite no-no. All bondsmen must be a U.S. citizen. If our findings are true, the companies license can be suspended or revoked. And without a license, Bad Boy Bails won’t be doing any more business.”

“How are you going to get this Sam guy to come clean?” Nicolas asked. “It’s not likely he’ll admit to breaking the law.”

“We never come empty handed,” Manuel went on to explain. “Let’s just say our tipster came with a video which has some incriminating footage that won’t look good if it’s brought before a judge.” 

“I get it,” Roman pointed out. “You guys are going to use this as leverage, am I right?”

Manuel’s lips curved up. “You’re learning fast, kid.”  
“While you guys are out grilling this guy,” Nicolas said with a hint of frustration. “What are we supposed to do in the meantime?”

Frank moved closer to Nicolas and said, “Look, we’re all concerned for Jena. And I promise, we’re going to do everything we can to get her back. Let us get some information and then we’ll go from there. But I have a feeling Jena can take care of herself. She’s about the bravest person I know.”

“Yeah.” Roman nodded in agreement. “And I bet right about now, she’s kicking ass and taking names.”

“They’re right, Nicolas,” Drakon said. “Your girl is a force to be reckoned with.”

“I do have to say,” Nicolas said, smiling a little. “Jena is one little badass.”

“And that’s before she shifts into the creature,” Manuel said around a light chuckle. “I’m sure by now, whoever’s working for A&E, has already had their asses handed to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone there is still breathing. She’s probably on her way back as we speak.”

Nicolas sighed. “God, I hope so.”     

To be continued. . .                

A reference for terms and cast of characters in this chapter, especially for new readers:

BREEDLINE - A species of humans that have the ability to change from human form into wolf form if they are born an identical twin. They are not like the old legend of the Lycanthropy myth. The Breedline species can shift into their wolf at will. The moon has no power over them. They do not pass their ability to other humans. Although they live among humans, their species is secret. In wolf form, they have super-strength, speed, and heightened senses. Compared to humans, Breedlines have tremendous advantages when it comes to health. Their bodies heal fast and are not subject to illness or diseases. The only thing that slows their healing process is silver. It is their kryptonite. Besides old age, a silver bullet to the brain is the only way to kill a Breedline.
All male Breedlines change into their first wolf at the age of eighteen. Female Breedlines do not go through the change until they make love to their Breedline bonded mate.

BREEDLINE COVENANT - The Breedline species must live within the boundaries of their Covenant. There is one in every state. A council governs its laws and oversees the species population.

BREEDLINE BONDING - The male Breedline spends his life searching for their bonded mate. When two Breedline species experience a bond, they instantly feel a simultaneous, desirable attraction. The bond is for life. It is possible for them to have more than one mate in their lifespan.

ROGUE WOLF - A Breedline wolf who has killed with the intent of evil. They can never shift back into their human form.

ADALWOLF - A species that has the power to shift from their human form into a beautiful creature, twice the size, resembling half man and half wolf. Born with super-strength, they can move from one place to another in supernatural speed. Their eyes take on the appearance of two shimmering diamonds. With the power to regenerate their own cells, an Adalwolf will stop aging at thirty. The moon has no power over them, and they are immune to silver. They can bond with any species.

Jena McCain - She is an inspiring artist with the ability to speak with the dead. Jena was attacked and bitten by an age-old creature and cursed with a lust for human blood. Now that she is to become the creature and hunt humans, instead of killing innocent people, she will only hunt evil.

Nicolas Ratcliff - He is immortal with the power of invisibility and supernatural speed. He works for the San Francisco Police Department as a detective. He's bonded with Jena McCain.

Tim Ross - He is a Breedline species and the council head of the California Covenant.

Drakon Hexus - He is a Breedline species and bonded to Cassie Chamberlain.

Roman Kincaid - He is an Adalwolf trained in military tactics, hired as a special breed of warriors from Brazil.

Detective Manuel Sanchez - He is a homicide detective at the San Francisco Police Department who late discovers he carries the Breedline genetics. His partner is Detective Frank Perkins. His sister is Lailah.

Detective Frank Perkins - He is Manuel Sanchez's partner and discovers the secret world of the Breedline. Born as a human, Frank pledges his loyalty to the Breedline. Fighting alongside his partner, they take an oath to help the Breedline protect the world from corruption and unknown creatures that prey on the innocent.

Artwork by: Mirela A
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