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My Speechless Job Interview

A Dream Job

by Goodadvicechan

A Deep Secret Contest Winner 

The door bell rang. I ran from my study room on the second floor to open the door. I tripped on the stairs, fell a few steps and hurt myself. The accident wasn't serious but enough to limp walking.

I opened the door. It was as expected; a UPS delivery. I signed the document sent from ABC Global Accounting Company. I've been waiting for this letter for four days. I hated my current job and my boss. This letter could change my life. It could be an offering letter of a dream job. The job is titled: "VP - Global Accountant", salary 30% more than what I was earning with benefits of stock option and one percent bonus of any contract over a million.

My hand was trembling while holding the letter. I haven't been sleeping well for the last couple of nights. I had nightmares that I did not get the job.

On paper, I met all the requirements. They wanted people with a degree under one of three categories: accounting, computer science, or law. I got a bachelor's degree in Information Technology at MIT. They wanted at least five years experience in Accounting. I worked at their competitor, XYZ National Accounting Company, for almost 9 years. I was interviewed by a local TV station for winning a big contract for my current employer.

I had already passed two interviews with ABC. The first one was done by the hiring manager. He was a friendly and approachable person. I did well in answering his questions. In addition to questions related to accounting, he was interested in my knowledge about federal laws in areas related to organized crime. I did excellently well on accounting and not too bad on laws.

The second interview was on English and Spanish Language Proficiency Test for listening and reading skills followed by a medical exam that included vision and hearing requirements. I was told I passed this one with flying colors.

Now I was waiting for the results of my medical examine and criminal record investigations. I had confidence that I should do well because I didn't take drugs, nor did I ever commit any crimes.

Even though, I was sure that I shouldn't have any problem, I was afraid to open the letter.

I sat down on the sofa and poured myself a glass of red wine. I had a sip and then opened the letter. After reading the letter, I finished the whole glass of red wine at one go.

The letter requested me to come for a final interview and discuss the terms of employment. I called the office and set up an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.


"Mr. Shannon, we are very pleased to have you on board. Have you read the letter of offer? Are you ok with it?

"Yes, Mr. Bond, everything was what I expected. Thank you."


"When can I start working? I need to give my company one month's notice else there is a penalty of two months' salary," I asked.

"You can start tomorrow. You don't need to resign. You stay at XYZ and be our spy there. This is a deep secret between us."

I was speechless...


Writing Prompt
The topic for this writing contest is: a deep secret. Share a story based on the topic.

A Deep Secret
Contest Winner


This is a fiction... Everyone has a dream job. In this case of the story, will you take it?
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