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Masquerade Ball (Dance Macabre)

by DonandVicki

Fade in: A large crowded ballroom, dimly lit with a dusty disco ball.

A second rate band is playing disjointed, obnoxious music. Toots and tweets coming from the brass, blasts and blogs from the tubas, squeaks and hair raising screeches are emitted by the strings. Band members are clad in grotesque costumes, while the bandleader wears an absurd mask, and a cod piece which is much larger that any one else's, he flails his arms with pompous gestures, as he sings, spewing nonsense. Masked ballroom dancers- men, women and children prance awkwardly to the bizarre music. Each mask is different. Some of the distorted faces reveal confusion, worry, pride, deception, or emotional insecurity. Some dancers crouch about the floor as victims while others loom as manipulators and victors.

Stage right:

Unmasked fellow named George comes striding onto the dance floor smiling and waving.

"Hey everybody, what's up?"

The band abruptly stops. The dancers pause, with limbs akimbo and stare at George. The bandleader slowly turns to face the clueless, unmasked man.

"Excuse me, sir. This is a private party."

"The sign outside says: 'All are free and everyone's welcome.'"

Bandleader :
"That is true, but you must wear a mask, otherwise everyone will know who you are."

Everyone on the dance floor and in the band starts shaking their heads vigorously and whispering, "Yes, yes, that's right, mmhum, mmhum, yup, yup, yessiree, the leader knows what he's talking about."

"I already know everyone here. I can tell by their masks...they are afraid, manipulated, out of jobs, deceived, duped, bored. You name it, they are all here. By the way, shouldn't those kids over there be in school?"

Everyone on the dance floor, with the exception of the band and bandleader, starts murmuring, "Yes, yes, that's right, mmhum, mmhum, yup, yup, yessiree, he's right."

Bandleader, red-faced, visibly upset:
"Listen pal, either get a mask on, join the party and dance or get out."

"No problem. I could use some fresh air. I know my way to the door."

The band slowly starts up and the people resume the dance, though somewhat reluctantly. George exits stage left murmuring something by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing a fool."

Fade out:
As the curtain slowly slides down, the band plays a song, horribly out of tune: "Life can be a ball when we toss away the masks."

To be continued?


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This is a satirical parody of the hoops that we are asked to jump through daily and the Ring Masters.

I was inspired by writers such as Kurt Vonnegut, "Cat's Cradle" and Edgar A. Poe, "Mask of the Red Death." Also kudos to Robyn Corum for her superb editing of my humble script.

Any resemblance to the Covid virus pandemic, those in government, are purely coincidental.

By the way: This week marks the one year anniversary of the COVID pandemic and restrictions placed upon residents everywhere in America... indeed, the world.

I made up the closing song, but if you use your imagination, you can imagine the tune.

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