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My Mother's Sayings

To June, With Love

by Sally Law

My mother, June, has been gone for awhile now, but her wise words and sayings live on in me. Our parents leave us something of themselves, visible or not.

My brother, Mike, had her rich brown eyes; Robert has her thick auburn hair. Suzy and I don't look a thing like her, but we inherited a few of her characteristics. Suzy is blessed with her mathematical brain, and I got her wicked sense of humor and quick wit.

All of us love Christmas, know that it's better to provide for the family basics before the fancy stuff, and how to work hard.

Mom was outspoken and had opinions on everything. We didn't always agree; but now that she's gone, I see the pearls of wisdom and riotous humor that poured forth from her lips.

Today, a few choice favorites before I forget them.

June on the IRS: They get ya coming, and they get ya going.

June on politics: A politician smiles while he picks your pocket, then has the gall to ask for a donation.

June on God, round one: Why didn't God warn me about your father?
Me: Would you have listened?

June on God, round two: I spoke with God this morning. I told Him I loved Him.

June on the Bible: I get a bit tangled in the thees and thous.

June, when I asked her for a bra: What for? Come back when you have something and we'll talk.

June on fashion: Bother to look nice and present yourself in the best light. Always have a black dress handy in case someone dies suddenly, which they invariably do.

June on job interviews: Look polished and sit up straight. Wear basic makeup... nothing too garish: lipstick, pressed powder, and a little mascara, will do.

June on the wicked: I wish I could be the one to write their epitaph.

June on sex: Sex is for marriage. Anyone can make a baby. It's the raising of the child that counts.

June on car purchases: You bought a car on your lunch break? What were you thinking?

June on finances: Spend less than you make and set aside some money for a rainy day. Balance your checkbook every week.

June on menopause: This excess weight has got to go. I will have to cut back on the Milky Way bars that I'm eating to relieve depression.

June on smoking: Smoking is my only rest and relaxation.

June on drinking: Drinking ruined your father. Alcohol excess is an evil that's hard to overcome.

June on men: If you don't marry Jackson, I'll never speak to you again.

June on winning the Florida Lottery: If I win the lottery this week, I'm going to buy you a new car, new house, new clothes, vacation home, and full college tuition for the boys.

Never a day goes by that I don't think about my mother. May I say that she loved the color blue, baseball, and hot dogs dotted with mustard. She'd fish from the pier in New Smyrna Beach for hours and not catch a thing. "Maybe tomorrow," she'd say of the fish, as if they were conspiring against her.

She would be ninety-nine this year if she were still living. To me, she's alive in my memories, and not far away at all. Perhaps she's fishing....

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My mother's favorite song. I played this at her memorial service.
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