General Fiction posted February 20, 2021

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An unexpected rescue


by zanya

Dorothy's heart pounded. It was quiet at 9 a.m on the forest path. Brandy's front paw was wedged beneath the big boulder at the edge of the stream. His blood- curdling yelps tore at her heartstrings.

Searching frantically in her jacket pocket for her phone, she heard the crunch of approaching footsteps on the frozen ground.

The low winter sun reflected the shadow of a tall man. He too was wearing a mask just like Dorothy.
Since Corona variants were rampaging through the population, masks were a must, even in the open air. It made life difficult, though, when encountering strangers.

'Poor beast,' he exclaimed, 'got to get him out of that pickle.'

Dorothy felt her chilled cheeks flush with embarrassment.

The man bent down close to Brandy. With a supreme effort, he lifted the misshapen boulder, freeing Brandy's paw. Blood spattered his jacket sleeve.

'Wipe those stains from your jacket,' Dorothy said, offering an antiseptic wipe.
'Happened once to Jorge here, my old labrador.'

'Brandy's my buddy for morning walks,' Dorothy blurted out.
'Same here,' the man replied, 'name's Harry.'
'Dorothy, some people insist on Dot, but I'm not one for abbreviations.'

Harry chuckled.

The pair continued along the frozen pathway, their canines getting acquainted.

'You live around these parts?' Harry enquired.

'Yes, feels like forever these days without grandkids,' Dorothy said.

'My grandies are on the other side of the planet, in New Zealand.' Harry responded.
Harry and Dot have never missed a morning walk since March 2020.


An Unexpected Rescue writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
In 250 words (not including the title) write about an unexpected rescue that proved to be life-altering.



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