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Six Going on Homeless?

by karenina

Emilyn (nickname of Emy) is the only child of my daughter and her husband.  My son has three equally adorable children.  I’m blessed times four…

My son has always acted first and considered consequences later.  Hence, three children in rather quick succession, on a small salary.

My daughter is the “planner.”  At fourteen she met with her principal and presented a class schedule allowing her to graduate a year early and begin college at sixteen.  She was born with an advanced GPS and follows her coordinates faithfully. 

After Emilyn’s birth Jessica mused about future children. Then she did the math.  She determined she could only competently provide financially for her new daughter from birth through Master’s Degree.  Case closed.  Only child…

When Emilyn was six we enjoyed a sleep over. After prayers, we were chatting in the dark.  She asked why her uncle had three children and she was “all alone.”

I answered hoping to honor both my son’s and my daughter’s choices. 

I added: “Look, you get all your parent’s love and attention!”

She grew silent.  Sniffled.  Swiped quickly at her eyes.

“Hey, what’s up?  Did you want a brother or sister?”

She nodded sullenly.

“Have you told your mom and dad how you feel?”

Full throated sobs ensued.

“Yes!  I told them both!”

“Why are you crying sweet-cheeks?”

She sat up and crossed her arms.

“Because Mom winked and said they'll have to see what happens and Dad said no way because our house is too small for another baby!

I felt myself sinking into Grandma quicksand…

“So!  Who knows?  You might just end up with a brother or sister!”

Louder sobs with a heartbreaking proclamation…

“Didn’t you hear me Grandma?  If Mom has another baby I’ll have to move out  because the house is too small!  I’m only six!  I can’t afford to live alone!

I tried channeling my inner child-psychologist to no avail. 

Who knew how she’d interpreted that parental chat?

 How did I get here?

“Hey Emy?  Let’s call your parents to say goodnight.”

Yes, I punted…  That’s why parents get the big bucks right?!




Emy is twelve now. This story has been repeated so many times even she has to laugh at the communication disconnect! Please note- Still an only child, only she thinks that's so "cool" now! Turns out (fun fact!) - she was never at risk of homelessness, except in the mind of a six year old...

Artwork is not my grandchild. Thanks to Linda Bickston of for "The Grandchild"

(350 word count as per WORD)

Mini-Rant: I rarely enter contests. When I saw the true story contest this memory sprang to mind and I worked arduously to write it and hit the mandated 350 word count, etc etc.... THEN, in my eagerness to post it I FORGOT to enter it in the contest and posted it as a regular post. SO humor me (insincerity is appreciated) and mention how it's a SHAME I did this because this would have been SO in the running to win, place or show! (I need some wine to go with my whine....)
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

Artwork by Linda Bickston at

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