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A chapter in the book Pappa's Memories and Ramblings

Depend On A Parent's Choice?

by QC Poet


From Pampers to Pull Ups do you know what that really means?
You're seeing things differently better Interpreting crazy Schemes!
Are Time is Unknown we're letting go some of our older scenes?
We sleep then awaken at all hours forgetting most of our Dreams?

Time of Essence, we never think through Feelings they're still a bit too New,
Thinking Small by Not Saying I Love You, to Big when Not Remembering to!
We're Crying Uncontrollably then Laughed and didn't Look like some Fool!
From Pampers to Pull Ups I got my many Opinions but, What's its meaning to You?

We teach our kids it's a Parent's Choice, what we think they should know,
While they quickly pick up on things All Parents will Unfortunately show!
Laugh drinking and smoking with friends comfortably, then it's Hate we Sow?
Rush to our School yards and Churches while they're Learning how to Grow.

They Depend on us to Focus on Learning as they quickly are growing up,
We may come to Hate what they're doing with the Loving Eyes of a pup?
It's Not too Late we Pray when finding they've already filled their short cup!
So Don't Wait on Fate that's Too Late, bad news won't ever slow down to Erupt!

It's a Real Fit for an Aging Generation our Grandkids get to See with Their Eyes,
With their Education Lightening Speed this comes as no small surprise!
A Parent's Choice Depend heavily on if they mature or even try to be wise!
Since our Elder's, Time flys quickly by yet Childrens Mind's Don't relate to Their Size.


True Story Contest contest entry

Depend On A Parent's Choice?
Photo Writes Title?
A True Story Contest Entry

Photo Credits to; items Purchased for Consumption Available via Various Local Super Stores.

I was reminded of the Similarities between a New Born and Aging when on a Store Visit my Wife and I had grabbed both Our Grandson's Parent's Choice Diapers and some Adult Depend's to be placed in our Shopping Cart.

True Story Contest
Share a memory from your life. Share a moment, an object, a feeling, etc. This does not have to be a profound memory, but should allow readers insight into your feelings, observations and/or thoughts.

This True Story and Rhyming poem is inspired by the Collage of Box Titles of Grandkids, and Surgery Recuperating Supplies that I've undergone over the last few years.
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