Humor Fiction posted February 11, 2021

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My phone and I are not ALWAYS friends


by Lyn Peters

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
"Arrived." The familiar voice of my navigation app announced.

I gaped at my phone and then at my surroundings.

The sun was setting.

I was alone in a strange city in a state I had not visited previously.

Something had gone terribly wrong.

I'd asked to be directed to my hotel, but I sat in a pothole riddled parking lot in front of a dilapidated (possibly deserted) tire shop and a tumble-down shack leaning precariously beside it.

My heart hammered.

"No!" I exclaimed.

I gestured toward the building. "This is not a hotel."

I looked at my phone. "You have got to help me find my hotel. My h-o-t-e-l."

I took a deep breath and forced myself to stop talking.

Arguing with an app on my phone was not going to help.

No need to panic.

I picked up the paper on which I'd written the hotel's name and address and squinted down at the numbers and letters which were clear and unmistakable in the dashboard light. I had entered the information correctly, hadn't I?

I held my phone in a hand that was only shaking slightly. I recited the information in my best 'pretty-please' tone. "Driving directions please."

"Arrived," the demented trickster advised.

Panic threatened.

I resolved to remain calm.

"This isn't a hotel," I said.

I sounded like I was reasoning with a three-year-old in meltdown mode.

I repeated the address and helpfully repeated the name of the hotel, carefully enunciating each word.

"Arrived," the disembodied voice repeated.

I am not adventurous.

I do not enjoy traveling.

I was tired.

I had just flown a long distance, navigated the airport and retrieved my luggage.

I had driven more than an hour through unfamiliar territory.

I wanted to stop moving, but not here.

I wanted the app on my phone, the one I had so naively believed would direct me to my destination, to stop lying to me and just cough up the information I needed.

So, I screamed.

I sounded deranged.

I screamed, squeezing that stinking, lying phone with lethal intent.

I demanded that the damned app direct me to my hotel. "Now. Right flipping now!"

"Rerouting," my errant friend informed me.

"Good," I said and, inexplicably, I waited for my phone to come to its senses and direct me to my flipping hotel which, to my amazement, it did.

Unfortunately, the next day I was twenty minutes late for a business meeting because the app on my phone directed me in circles for over an hour. When I finally arrived at my destination, I discovered the place was a five-minute drive from my hotel.

Three days later I left for my 3 p.m. flight at 4 in the morning...just to be sure.

It seems my phone was a prankster.

But I got the last laugh.

I bought a new phone a week later.


Lost - Flash Fiction writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Write a flash fiction story under 500 words about being lost

I included a violence warning here because I felt seriously violent toward my phone. No worries though, in the end, no phone was harmed in this story.
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